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I need some help with burning dvds.
I have been told to do many different things but still I am having no luck. When i try and play the DVD on my DVD player it comes up with a Disc Error and when i try to play them in my PC if i open it on My Computer it reads it as a DVDROM and if i open that it just shows me the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders. ANy suggestions people. Here are the steps that I am taking:

1. Open WINavi Video Converter and click movie to dvd.

2. Find the clip that I wish to convert to DVD format and open it.

3. Wait for converting to finnish.

4. Close WINavi and open Nero6 express.

5. Create MiniDVD or DVD video and select the DVD files needed to burn.

6. Burn the DVD

I have also tried changing the UDF seettings reccomeded on this site. Any Help people would be greatly apriceated since this thing is driving me up the wall! reply


Seems ok to me the only add is before you start converting be sure the video file is working sound and picture on pc if not use GSpot or Avicodec open the file with one of them and find out the type of your video file and the codecs you may need.When you load it on WinAvi click on advanced next to output and check the video system for your country Pal or NTSC same on Nero before burning.To play the file on pc use players like VLC or BSplayer or Media Classic.AC3 filter is a must also DIvX and Xvid packs besides any codecs pack you like All in One or K-Lite.Here are some links:
http://ww2.nero.com/nero6/en/User_Guides_Nero_6_Reloaded.html reply


Yeh all of the video files that I try to burn work okay before i start converting them. Its just when I try to playback on a dvd :S
Is it a possibility that it’s to do with the discs im using. They’re pretty cheap 4.00GB DVD discs? reply


U R 1 hell of a RMF. How can U xpect ppl 2 give a helping hand when U lack some manner??!! U R already in hell..anti christ...so FO!!!!!!! reply



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