Converted avi to vob.File size is too large

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I have downloaded some movies in avi format (DVD).The size of the movie is 1.5 GB max.I want to burn them to my DVD+R discs so that i can play them in the DVD Player.I converted the avi files to vob files using DivxToDVD and the size of the file has become 4.4 GB now.I tried to shrink the file using DVD Shrink and made the file size to 2 GB.But still am not able to load more than 1 movie in a 4.7GB DVD+R disc.

Let me know on how to proceed further on this one. reply

leave it as an avi file and buy a dvd player that will play avi files

or spend the 50c and put one movie on one dvd reply


You can burn AVI files on a DVD disc in data format using a burning software. I use Nero and use the burn data to DVD feature. Also, you might want to use a DVD-R disc for burning videos instead of DVD+R. DVD-R plays videos better. reply


I think the best software is E.M. HD Video Converter, It is a wonderful video converter that lets you not only convert your favorite videos to various HD (high definition) video formats like HD WMV Video, HD DivX Video, HD Xvid Video, HD H.264 Video, HD Quick Time Video, HD MPEG4 Video, HD FLV Video, HD TS Video, etc. but also create Blu-ray folder for PS3 and Blu-ray player. besides, E.M. HD Video Converter can easily burn all videos and AVCHD (mts, m2ts) to DVD, DivX DVD.
I’ve been using it for a long time. hope it can help you. reply


Xilisoft AVI to DVD Converter is good to do the job. You can free download from
It will convert your video files to the dvd format readable by all standard dvd players, then burn automatically to DVD! reply


Wondershare AVI to DVD Converter is good to do the job. You can free download from
It will convert your video files to the dvd format readable by all standard dvd players, then burn automatically to DVD! reply


It’s easy to do so.
Use ConvertXtoDVD : convert avi to dvd with burning video converter software.
ConvertXtoDVD is a video converter software to convert and burn your videos to DVD. With ConvertXtoDVD and a few clicks you can backup your movies to DVD playable on any home DVD player.
Visit: reply


Hei.. Tama1! i got the same problem here!
well the main issue here is that when we do convert ANY FILE into a VOB FILE the FILE SIZE GETS SOOOO BIG!!
i was converting 1 epsiode of a series (it was an AVI file)
then i converted it to VOB so i can burn into a DVD...
then i realized the simple 150+ MB AVI file after it was converted to VOB is now 1.5Gig VOB File....
is there no other way to fix this??
Does Converting Files to VOB really make the File size Larger?? reply


All the suggestions so far; though well meant, don’t get around the original problem in that the VOB file created is too large to fit on a DVD, in my case 4.7 GB. There is no shortage of software to convert from one too large file to another but the end result is the same.i originally started with a DVD folder converted to an AVI of terrible quality and in the meantime lost my drive with the original and in trying to “reconstitute ended up with although i can play it a VOB file too large to burn to DVD. reply


I use DVD Shrink and I normally have it to burn it as an Iso image file then onto my disk .Ive never been able to put more than 1 movie on a DVD

How did you get divx to dvd to convert an AVI file to VOB. and could you please tell me how you got DVD SHRINK to shrink the VOB files. Please help reply


Hello everyone

First of all sorry that I write in this topic but I have some technical problem with the use of this forum. When I’m trying to enter in the appropriate topic, I received a 404 error It’s about the only topic in which I was able to enter. Do you have the same problems? What’s going on? reply


Hi crarkabnorn.

I don’t have that problem, everything goes on well and no 404 error.
You could refresh your browsers or restart your computer to try it again.

The reason they get larger in size is because of the file format. Dvd movies (comercial ones) are encoded to TS and vob files, which are a lot larger than avi files. This is why dvd movies are on dvd not cd.
You could learn how to burn .avi movies to dvd from or buy a Divx compatible dvd player(which can play avi files, and you can get one on E-bay for around $50 Aus). reply

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What I find exxtremely strange is that the majority of individuals who respond to threads do not keep the subject matter or concern in mind. Information on all surrounding issues are provided yet the specific information relating to the vexing situation is usually not tackled. The question relates to the treatment of files that are too large, can someone with the pertinent informatin respond thereto. reply


i have the same problem with large avi files once converted to dvd format will not fit to dvd disc, i used a trial version of rz soft dvd creator and it works but the video quality was not keep, hence the videos were compressed.

does anyone here have or knows how to get a serial of rz soft dvd creator v4.5, please need ur help.. reply


I get round this problem by using a program called DVD Flick (which is free). When it converts the .avi file it also splits it into the correct number of .vob files so when burnt to DVD it works in a standard DVD player.

Hope that helps! reply


hi i movie my computer but i want burn cd the file is very large what can me do??? thank you reply


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