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Thank you ffoeg for your reply, it was so helpful, I’ve been tearing my hair out trying to play a dvd created in Dvd Shrink in our normal player (not happening!), decided to do a wee bit of research on the net and there was your message. Thanks again you’ve saved me hours of work and all my hair! reply


i tried to burn vob into a dvd by nero (must be for dvd rewriters only )
the problem is the dvd comes up without audio
because nero media player doesnt suport vob so nero burner doesnt(my openion)
all i did i rip the file then burn it by nero again
if u got any other idea ill be glad to know it
by the way if u if u burn it staight to dvd it wont work
good luck reply


make sure you know what format your dvd is in first. some dvd player pal format and some dont. You say that your friend dvd player picked it up and your dont. Sound like wrong format.

If you have jsut the VOB file, use IFO edit to make your info file first, after that use a dvd authoring tools to create menu etc.. after that you can burn it using dvd author.

If your need more help, email me and give me your info of your current situation and i’ll do my best to help your out. reply


hope this will helps http://www.videohelp.com/forum/userguides/120021.php reply


i am using Super DVD Creator 8.5 to burn VOB files ripped using DVD Decryptor...however, when i try to burn the files, Super DVD Creator gives me a warning saying “Did not know the Output format”....can anyone please explain to me a way around this, or maybe explain which programs i might need in order to do so....preferably something i dont have to pay for....thanx reply


I need help desperately----I have made an avi movie using Adobe Premiere (no problem)---then I have NeroVisionExpress2, NeroExpress6. When I try to use either one of these, I cannot find where I can burn a dvd anywhere. There is no little box at the top---all I have showing on my screens are a box on the right hand side that says---make a cd, make a new movie, make a new slide show, make a mini dvd. But even under all these there is no where to click on make a dvd. I am using a borrowed (isn’t that pitiful) external dvd burner hooked up to my usb port. I have burned a avi movie using nero before, but I can’t get the option for a dvd now. I don’t know what is wrong. It is either my nero program or else the problem lies in my computer not recognizing my dvd burner. I am computer illiterate so bear with me. When I click on my computer, the only drives I show listed are, of course, d, e (which is my cd burner) and f (which states image simulation SCSI CD/Rom. I don’t see a drive where my dvd burner shows up. Could this be my problem? Is Nero not recognizing my dvd burner? And how to I make the computer recognize the burner? The burner only came with a nero disc and it worked before with no problem. Please Please help - I have been working on this for a week with no progress- I am at a complete and total loss. reply


Can someone please help.

I got a DVD burner and was able to convert avi files and burn them to DVD successfully with Super DVD creator which I downloaded and paid for.

Then I had to do a Windows XP reinstall, got more RAM, got a floppy and a hi speed USB card. Have not been able to burn since then.

It converts the files fine (I’ve even tried playing the converted files on the computer and they are fine) but as soon as it gets to burning to the disk, it says “DVD disk wrong, burning process is terminated”. I did download the codec and have Direct X 9.0. This worked before the reinstall.

I have tried four different types of media and two different dvd burners and same problem. I even uninstalled Super DVD creator and then reinstalled the trial version and even that didn’t work.

Please help. I’ve read a lot of forums but don’t understand half of it. The reason I purchased this computer was to do this and I am very frustrated.

Thanks, reply


i burned a dvd movie it was my friends movie i burned it with nero but it didnt work on ps2 ?? reply




Hi..I have copied one DVD onto local system..and it is splitted into different VOB files..is there any way by which I can construct a single file out of it and store it on local? I am not talking about creating a new dvd...but create a single file out of multiple files so that I dont have to play single file at a time reply


I can play DVD in my PC. I try using media player but it did not play. what do I do? reply


Sorry, I mean to say I can’t play DVD in my PC. I try using media-player but it did not play. What do I do? reply


How can I play DVD in media-player reply


ok... how about making it more trickier...

how about burning multiple movies to a dvd... with menu and everything.

I hav burned multiple movies on a one disc with Nero Recode. But theres a catch to it. It dint create any menu. the movies were like one after another.

i ususally download dvd rips frm the net which are in .avi format. and i want to burn them onto a dvd again.

i hav tried using warez like AVItoDVD and others like that... 99% of the times, the sound of the movie isnt synchronised with the movie wen the dvd is burnt with those softwares. i finally found 'WinAVI” which converts avi files into vobs ifo and bup.

but now how to burn these files on a dvd with the menu and everything? burning a single file is simple.. thru nero burning rom or thru ultra iso. but multiple with menus???

i wud really really appreciate whosoever has any help to offer kindly mail me at ritinbhojwani@gmail.com

i got here thru google... dunno if i ll come bak to chk replys... but a mail wud really help.

Thanks u guys... reply


Hi, I am totally new to DVD burning and am looking to find out the best software and the easiest way to do it could anyone help? i dont understand how to burn from .vob, .bup, .ifo too a blank DVD

thanks reply


Hi, I am new to this but what does unexpected file mean when burning to nero, is it something to do with the codecs and what does encoding mean in nero. thanks reply


To burn a avi to a dvd you need to convert it to a mpg or dvd first ie vob,ifo,bup ect you can do this with loads of programs on the net winavi is ok or VSO ConvertXtoDvd this will create your dvd you ten can burn it with nero or use dvd shrink ( free )or clonedvd2

Too put more than one video on a dvd with menus use dvd shrink and use the re-author mode you can find a tutorial on it via google or on their website

Hope this helps reply


Hello guys I am the same I just downloaded simpsons season 17 the format for this is avi. But how do I get this to work on my dvd player ?

What file ?
What programms ? reply


simply rename the extensions... if its ***.vob, then rename it to ***.mpg, and it’d work in media player. =] very simple... i just dont undertand why people have to go through so much downloading and trouble just to convert their files. reply


No it will not work.
You should use a video DVD burning software to create a spesial structure on a DVD.

For example AVS DVD Copyt reply


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