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I use DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink 3.2 for burning DVDs...these use 'ISO or MDS' files....how do I burn torrent downloads (or convert them) on to DVD reply


yeah the big question here. well you can try burning a normal 'data' cd with the file. most divx movies are small enough to fit on a cd (not dvd). then all you need is a dvd player that will play the files. they are pretty common nowadays, and in the $40-100 price range. if you really need to encode vob files from avi, i’m not exactly sure but i know the .vob format is a form of mpeg-2. look for a program that can encode mpeg-2. please state the file extension (.rm, .avi, .mpg, .mp4, .divx or whatever), so that the guy who comes here who knows can tell you what programs to use. each format is different and you will need different programs for different file types most likely. but like i say all the time in here, just try burning a data cd and playing it. i am usually not let down by people’s dvd players that i try out. reply


'SeanA' said on a related thread:

Or you can simply use Nero to encode the video to VCD format and burn it to VCD and view it on your DVD player. I do this all the time with episodes of Stargate Atlantis that I end up missing sometimes, then I take the VCD and pop it into the DVD player and hook the VCR up to it and copy it to tape.

So far this method has helped me record every Stargate Atlantis episode to date. It’s like I never missed any at all

SeanA reply


i’m looking to convert files from .avi to .vob, nero is great fi the files are smaller than 700 mb but once bigger you have to store on dvd and then nero will not write .avi files to dvd can someone help me reply



so, how exactly do you encode the file with nero? Or convert the file so your computer will play it. I’ve got the torrent downloaded, but i don’t know what to do with it from there to get it on DVD, or even to watch it.

downloaded it with bit torrent, and am trying to watch it on VLC, but nothing is working reply


Poweriso can burn these disc image types straight to a disc. reply


As can ultraiso.

Also, you can use daemon tools or ultraiso/poweriso to mount the disc image onto a virtual drive.

The PC will have a pop-up from explorer.exe asking what you would like it to do with the “disc” select play, and watch on your PC.

OR since you mention VLC player

Open the iso in VLC, if that doesn’t work mount the image and open it in VLC player.

If the image is around 700Mb then it’s a VCD/SVCD image, and if it’s larger than the 700Mb then it’s a DVD image.

Select the proper option when opening the movie. reply



what did you use to download torrent files?
I strongly recommend you to use Vuze to download torrent movie or videos, for it can be directly played on your Mac with QuickTime. reply


I would like to recommend you a nice free software to download torrent movie, that is vuze. it is totally free, what’s more, using vuze to download torrent movies, you can just play them with your Quicktime, or burn to DVD. just up to you.

Well, as to burn torrent to DVD, you can try the iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac. They offers the detail instruction on how to burn torrent movie to DVD. I followed it and had burn my torrent movie to dvd successfully. reply


Well, to download torrent movies, I will highly recommend Vuze. I have downloaded qutie a movie from there. I just noticed that new features have been added to Vuze. You can check it at: http://www.vuze.com/.

To burn torrent movies to DVD, I use DVD Creator to do that. Works great for me. Give it a try:http://www.video-dvd-converter.net/dvd-creator/index.html reply


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