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This is my first post so forgive me in advance if this is the wrong posting place and/or if I don’t use the proper lingo.

My camcorder is an Aiptek A-HD 720P that records in HD at 1 of 3 video frame rates:

1. 1280x720 up to 30 fps
2. 720x480 up to 30 fps
3. 352x240 up to 30 fps

It records in .mov format.

It plays back beautifully on Quicktime but I’m having a problem burning to DVD. I’ve tried with Nero 7 Ultra Edition. My system has 1 GB RAM and plenty of hard drive space but Nero slows down to a snails pace and my RAM useage goes to 100% (slower than a snail) when trying to burn.

What should I do? Convert the .mov files to another format? And if so, won’t that drastically lower the quality of the video?

See, I’m not even sure what my questions “should” be.

Thanks in advance for any help. reply

What exactly are you trying to do? Are you making a data DVD? Or a movie DVD? Do you get the freeze when burning or when authoring? Do you get any error messages?

BTW 1280x720 720x480 etc. are resolutions, not frame rates reply


I’m trying to burn a DVD comprised of numerous .mov video files...about 3GB total.

It freezes during burning. My system resources goes straight to 100%. reply

I assume you mean a data DVD...
It’s really hard to guess what could be happening. Has this ever happened before? Can you burn other data DVD’s just fine (with other file types).
Have you tried creating a DVD image to the hard disk, then burning the image later?
How much space does your hard disk have left?
What make and model is your DVD burner, and what kind of media (DVD-R DVD+R?) and brand are you using?
Another thing you can try is right before burning click the simulate button to see if the simulate burn works.
It could be anything really. We need a lot more information about what you did or are trying to do. (Nero full or Nero Express? What kind of project did you start when you start up Nero?)

The Nero Info Tool can be handy to answer some of these questions. reply


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