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Ok i wanna burn several bin files onto one dvd-r. How would i go doin that. Is it even possible?? Nero only lets you burn one at a time. reply

.bin files are IMAGE files like ISO files are. You can burn these files to a CD by using the burn image option in Nero (simular in any other burning package). Bin files contain other files (like zip files) that “expand” to fill the CD when being burned. If you want to burn more than one .bin file to a CD/DVD you must burn them as DATA.. bare in mind that if you do it this way they will remain as bin files and you wont be able to access whats in them. reply


Bin files can be read whit alcohol 120%
It lets you create virtual cdrom drives where you can mount image files bin files and iso files so you can see whats in a bin file. reply


Yeh i know wat bin files are. I should of asked is there anyway of extracting several bin files onto one DVD-R. reply

So that i can also watch them on the same DVD-R. For eg. Watching 3 movies on the same dvd-r on my xbox machine(chipped) reply

You can mount the disk images using alcohol on win or Toast on Mac, then extract the .dat file, which is actually an mpeg file. Change the extension to .mpg and burn it on a dvd to play it on any home divx player.
It’s very easy. reply


i’ve got a game on my pc i downloaded that i want to stick on a cd there is a .bin file and also .cue file... the .bin file is about 760MB... how do i about burning it to CD?... reply


Just in the last 10 minutes I gogled a similar thing and it came back with a piece of software called bin2iso (It’s stipidly small - like 9k zipped). After using it, the filesize shrunk way down but that may have been because the image contained a vcd... I’ll let you know shortly if it works properly or not! reply



Posted by Galahad (Guest)

You can mount the disk images using alcohol on win or Toast on Mac, then extract the .dat file, which is actually an mpeg file. Change the extension to .mpg and burn it on a dvd to play it on any home divx player.
It’s very easy.

how do you extract the .dat file? reply


what i am wondering is....i have one movie...that is speperated into 2 .bin files....what iam wondering is...can i combine those two .bin and make it one movie to fit onto a DVD-r? reply


I think all the answers here stink. Seriously.

If you’re going to post an answer/solution, do so properly (please see my previous posts on what I mean by “properly”).

This is a topic that has been bounced about the internet for a while now, without anybody actually asking the question right, or getting the answer in a way that is easily implementable.

So, I’ll spell the quetion out for all to see:

I have a movie.
It is a big movie.
It is made up of 2 bin files
It is made up of 2 cue files
All four files are contained in 1 directory
It is a nice movie.


I would like to burn the 2 bin files to a single (one) dvd, for the purpose of playback in my STANDALONE DVD player (not on my pc).

How can I achieve this?

Please remember that whoever will be answering this question will be doing so for a bunch of people who, like me, have spent many hours googling this topic till the cows came home.


Please ensure you provide the name of the application or applications that will be used, as well as a brief “how to”.

And that is all we ask. reply


I will be glad to answer “properly” as you put it as soon as you ask a question “properly”.
Like the .bin file you downloaded what is the format its in. If its .avi or .mpeg it will not play on a standalone dvd. You will have to convert the file to dvd format, but if its in dvd format or you just dont care read on......

First dl and install alcohol 120%.
Next mount the first disk to the virtual drive that alcohol 120 made for you(Just go to “my computer” and right-click the virtual drive and click mount and point to the first disk.)
Then go to nero or any other software and click data disk.
Now go back to your virtual drive and explore the cd(right-click and “explore”) and copy all the files in there and paste it to nero or other software you may be using.
Now mount the 2nd disk to the virtual drive just like you did the first one and explore the cd and copy all these files and place it in nero or other software you may be using.
Now both disc contents should be in there now and go ahead a burn the movie. If it was in dvd format pop it in to your dvd player and wola it plays. Thats really clear to me, but ask questions if needed. reply


Sign up 2 this site n see 4 urself.
www.experts-exchange.com/Miscellaneous/Q_20484764.html reply


Right - first things first - that bin file of yours is a disk image which contains a movie - not a movie alone.

Now I’m generalising here by assuming that the .bin files house VCD/SVCD’s when burned. However, if you use bin2iso, the theory is that you can use isobuster to extract the mpeg streams from the resultant iso file. If bin2iso doesn’t work, you will have to burn the media, then extract the mpeg stream, either using isobuster (it has a specific option to rip the stream - not just copy the mpeg file) or some other kind of ripper. I also hear VDCgear will extract it straight from the bin but ive never tried it.

Anyhow, once you get your mpeg files, you can use some sort of movie joiner to join the two (or leave them separate if they’re different films), then you can burn it directly to DVD. If you want to make it standard, I recommend using Nerovision express (make sure it’s patched) - it’s the easiest. However, if you want lots of advanced options , and a better quality video (dvdlab doesn’t demand that you subscribe to dvd standards - it will quite happily leave the resolution alone as long as it’s audio is ok) et al, go get DVDlab and use it to author the mpeg (it will have to demux audio and video, and resample the audio but it pretty much does this all itself).

You can get about 6 SVCDs worth on a dvd (that’s 2-3 films usually) but it takes a lot of time, hard disk space patience. Spec of your machine doesn’t stop it working but it’ll go a lot slower - i managed to do it on a 266. reply


hey Lee420

this may be an obvious question but...
when i cut and paste the second disc it asks if i want to replace
wat to i do?

thanking u (or anyone who can help) in advanced reply


Don’t overwrite them - make sure everything’s name is changed to something sensible as soon as it hits the hard disk. reply


ok thx 4 that reply


I take it these bin/cue files being concurrent, means we are dealing with SVCD video and you want to then burn SVCD to DVD?

Ok heres my personal favourite way of doing it.
1.Extract the mpegs from the cue file:

goto http://www.vcdgear.com/download.html
Download, install and open. Choose the cue/bin>>>Mpeg option, load up the first cue/bin file and dont choose any other options. Click start and extract. Repeat for all cue/bin files.

Now download DivXToDVD from http://www.cdr-zone.com/software/encoder_decoder_tools/vso_divxtodvd.html
( yes it says divx but it does svcd too ). Now click on load and load the file mpeg, then load the second one ( you can’t load them both at same time for some reason else it messes up in my experience, you have to manualy load 1 then 2 etc )Leave the options automatic and press encode

Let us know how u get on reply


Thx Markie Mark, been pulling my hair out with this one but vcdgear worked a treat for me. reply


I tried using the above method Markie Mark (vcdgear + divxtodvd) and yes it did work (thank you) but when watching the finished dvd an annoying message was at the top of the screen throughout the whole film

“This is a trial version” (divxtodvd)

To combat this I used the files from vcdgear and then used TMPEG instead of divxtodvd to correct the issue.
I now have a finished dvd without the annoying message.

Many Thanks Markie Mark

Brooke reply


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