burned dvd wont work on my laptop but is happy in any dvd player

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ok so i burned a copy of revior dogs, and as always, after i burn the DVD it works happily on dvd players, and any other computer but my lap top. Is the problem somehting simple like get new drivers? or is it somehting like get a new dvd drive? non burned DVDs work happily on my lap top. what can i do? reply

what do you use to view it with?
if there is an extra chapter at the beginning which in my experience, some movie downloads have, then you might just need a different program to view the movie.
i use PowerDVD.
I’m not sure if that will help or not... reply


ok i do use power DVD, the problem is and i should have mentioned this, but when i put it in the dvd drive, it doesnt read as a disk. I tried to use powerDVD, i tried media player, and i tried going in with my computer. It doenst read it as disk at all. reply


Trying to get this done is hard enough, but these comments are waaaay too technical for me. All my problem is (I have lots but in this case|) I own some movies purchased legally from a store. Some are blu-ray, some not. I have a notebook and I am on a 7 hour flight soon and would like to watch a couple of my own movies, from my notebook.

Step by step....how do I transfer the movies to my hard drive (I do not have a built in dvd player, but an external one which I do not want to take with me.

Help....please reply


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