Burned DVD will play on PC but not in DVD player in Livingroom

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Just exactly as the topic title says. Some of the DVD’s I have burned will play on the PC just fine. But when I play them in the DVD player in my livingroom they “flip” or “roll” and are in black and white. The color and clearity are fine on the PC. Can anyone give me some info as to why this happens and how I can fix it?
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use WINAVIVideo change file to DVD and It will show you AUDIO_TS VIDEO_TS That isit after that you can burn it reply

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I’ve used DVDShrink for quite some time now and have had no probs whatsoever with the dvd player in the living room. It’s good for copying a dvd and shrinking it to 4 GB then it automatically uses Burning ROM to burn it to disc. DVDShrink also automatically creates the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders, tho that audio folder is always empty. try it out. reply

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Looks like a video system problem NTSC or Pal.Most of the softwares play both so check your dvd player if is working only one system.Check your dvd on computer with VSO Inspector and click on media and look for region or frame speed FPS. Pal is about 25 FPS and NTSC is about 29 FPS and or is rolling or gives you B/W picture or both.Google the Inspector and download it is a freeware. reply


I have burned movies using a pioneer 16x16 dvd writer. my problem is that after i burn my movie to a sony dvd+r disk, it will only play on my pc. When i put the dvd in the dvd player in the living room a message comes up, invalide disk.
I have had this problem for quite some time and still cannot figure out the problem. I was hoping that someone would be able to help. It would be greatly appreciated. reply

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Can I copy any format of movie file from PC to DVD player with built-in HDD, and watch that directly on normal TV screen? reply


I can burn pic and movies from my digital camera fine. I use cd-r. I can see the pics (jpeg) and movies fine on my pc after I burn them. I can only see pics on my DVD player but not the movies..only stills shots for the movie??? Any suggestions, or product I can buy to make it happen???
Thanks Carole reply


yep it happens.
bad disk burns !
crap disks !
comp will read files but you get disk error or no valid disk
message in TV/DVD player.
It just a poorly burned disk or bad quality disk.
thats all.

you have to verify every copy 100% on a tv/dvd player.

computers will always play it more sensitive readers.
just burn another one or 2 copies or buy a new burner (they go out after 400 or so burns.
or decrease way down the speed of your burner, that helps.

you can get sometimes 10 to 20 poor quality disks per 100, especialy with Verbatum.

also only use +R.
-R is for music.
the difference is where the data is written to the disk and the speed of the disk.
Music disc are -R.
Movies should be +R cause more data needs to be accessed faster and thus written to the outside tracks of the disk.
just a suggestion. reply

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I have tried a bunch of disks, none will play in the player. Good thing is I don’t have to buy any coasters. reply


I have burnt dvds using convertxtodvd. I bought a Magnavox dp100w8 dvd player to use at school. Unusual problem: Sometimes it will play a movie and then other times it will freeze and and stop playing the very same movie. I usually use DVD-Rs. The discs will play at home but not in the Magnavox. This is becoming a more frequent problem. Due to budget cuts, I have been burning DVDs for the English department to use. If you can help me, I would appreciate it.I hope someone can help me with this unusual problem. Also, what do I need to do to make sure the burnt discs will play in any dvd player. Thanks in advance. reply


i used dvd shrink and when it splits into 1 gb chunks but when burnt to a disc it still only plays on pc nothing else
plus it only works on one of the computers in my house
its running vista reply


I have had more success with dvd shrink than any other programm made loads of dvd movies to cd - other progs i have tried never seem to work well reply


If your burning it to vts and it don’t play Problem could be the DVD player seems that older name brand RCA, Sony, Magnavox ect. DVD players don’t care for burned movies.

I’ve burn’t movies that play great on one player and not the next, just like today I burned a couple for a friend we watch half of it and the calls me up tells me he gets an error, then tells me he had to take a couple new movies back to the store that didn’t play.
Newer DVD players are cheap now and seem to play anything even a few play WMA (Windows Media files), just drag and drop and it plays.

Also it doesn’t make a difference if you use R+ or R- for movies, R- aren’t just for music.
Theirs really no difference between R+ and R- I’ve heard some players prefer one over the other I’ve burned both and they both play the same. reply


Hi Guys, thanks for all the posts. In the past DVD Shrink was VERY successsful for me also, however I had to reimage my hard drive and ever since then (even though I’ve since re-installed the software), my recorded DVDs will not play in my Panasonic player. They will play on my computer though (really strange). The only other thing I can think of as possibly starting to fail is my DVD ROM (not my writer). while it plays everything just fine, its a few years old, and I have to press the eject button several times before it opens up, not sure if this could be contributing to the problem.

Look forward to your comments. Happy Holidays! reply


dvd drives do not goout after 400 burns dont be stupid reply


The problem I am getting is the burned copy plays fine on my pc and all of the chapters are in order from start to finish, but when I put it in any DVD player it starts on chapter 25 instead of 1. All the chapters seem to be jumbled. It thinks its chapter 1 and says its chapter 1 on the tv. What would cause the dvd player to think this and/or is there a setting I need to check or uncheck? I am using Shrink on Vista. Please help. reply


Chances are all of your hardware, software, and disks are just fine. The problem is in the file you are trying to burn. I had this same problem with burned dvds working fine in the pc but rolling in b/w on the home dvd player. I discovered that the files I was burning were in the wrong color encoding system. Worldwide there are 3 color encoding systems NTSC, PAL, and SECAM. Computer dvd decoding software is for the most part universal (will play all three). However, home dvd players usually only play one type. For example, if you try to play a PAL disk in a NTSC player this is exactly what you get, rolling black and white. Most movie downloads/torrents tell you in the title which system they are encoded with so find out what type your player is and download only files/torrents with that encoding. As for the files you already have, either redownload in the right encoding or look into converting.

Background info:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PAL reply


AVI2DVD has a way to convert PAL-NTSC and visa-versa reply


I have the same problems.I burned a DVD from my computer tried to play it on my magnox DVD/VCR combo and it wouldn’t work. reply


I Have a Built in TV/DVD GRUNDIG which would not play burnt dvd’s and music I have now changed the DVD setup from auto to NTSC and bingo they work. Thanks for the tips guys. reply


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