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How do I burn DVDs so they will play on my PS3?
I have some .mkv files which when burned to a DVD, it will not play on my PS3.
What file type should I convert them to so that they will play without increasing their output volume tremendously?
A couple years ago, I burned some DVDs that work in the PS3, but I can’t remember what I did.
When I inserted the DVD in my computer, the files came up as:
Does anyone know what these file types are and possibly how I got them so I can do it again?
Or is there a better, simpler way to burn these .mkv files onto a disc to play in my PS3?
As you can probably tell, I am new to this.
I just want to watch my Doctor Who since Netflix doesn’t carry it anymore!
Thanks for any help I can get! reply

VIDEO_TS.BUP, VIDEO_TS.IFO and VIDEO_TS.VOB together form a normal and playable DVD disc. So what tool did you use to burn your MKV video to DVD dis? Generally speaking, any DVD burner software can create standard DVD out of video. I suggest you a free tool to try that I’m using, WinX DVD Author. Very clean freeware! https://www.winxdvd.com/dvd-author/ reply


I believe I used DVDVideoSoft, but not sure which program from that set I used. Evidently there is no support or 'help desk' for that program though, so I will be uninstalling it. The Winx DVD Author costs $35. I need a free program that will work.
I tried using the VideoSoft to convert the .mkv to .avi, but it took forever and afterwards the files were so large (5 GB+), I couldn’t even get a single 1 hour video to burn onto a DVD-R disc which holds 4 GB. reply


Winx DVD Author costs $35?? But I just free download its full version on the official site..... reply


Okay. I downloaded the Free WinX DVD Author. However, I cannot find any instruction manual on how to use it. Also, I didn’t find any info that it can convert to play on my PS3. reply


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