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I’ve been trying to grasp this .bin/.cue deal lately by readin all the threads that have been posted on this message board and I STILL can’t get it figured out! Could somebody be kind enough to explain exactly what I’m supposed to do with a bin/cue GAME? Don’t forget, I have NO CLUE what I’m doing.... ;)

I d/l Daemon Tools and VideoLan but to be completely honest I don’t know what to do with them... ?:(

Thank you very much for the help

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I’ll be nice enough to help you!

Okay, so I wont try to get into a lot of technical detail, so this should be easy.

Bin/Cue files are just “image” files that CD Burning sofwares use to create a CD. With the right software all you would have to do is select the BIN file and click Burn! A lot of people suggest NERO, but since you’re a self-proclaimed newb, i’d suggest MagicISO. You just click “write CD” at the top choose the BIN file and you’re done! Remember we’re not burning the BIN file itslef, but the data contained in the BIN file as read by MagicISO

There’s another alternative but I don’t reccomend this ESPECIALLLY WITH GAMES. You could always open the bIN file using ISOBuster, and then extract all the files and burn those but the problem is if say your game is 2 CDs, your computer sometimes won’t recognize some of the CDs. Example, i burned Need For Speed Underground but opening the BIN file, extracting and then burning the result, but the when i tried to run the game and it asked for CD2, i popped it in but the game did not recognize it as CD2 and told that that was the wrong disc.

So the safest way is to burn the bin file using MagicISO. Your game should work that way.

I happily answer any more of your questions reply

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another option is damon tools. Since you said you have it but don’t understand how to use it I’ll give you a short walk threw. If it’s not allready running (may have auto started with computer) run damon tools. You should see a new icon in the task bar, lower right corner next to clock (assuming you haven’t moved it). It will be a red lightning bolt in a grey circle in a red box. (colors may be different) right click it and select “virtual CD/DVD-rom” and a new menu will appear your should see a “device 0: [x:] No Media” (might also be f: or g: or any other of 26 letters depending on how your drives are orginized) if you don’t you’ll see “set number of devices” and under it you should select “1 drive” now that you definitly have it select the “device 0: [x:] No Media” and under it select “mount image” an open dialog will appear and you should select the .bin file (you may have to select view all files) hit open and it’s mounted. Your computer now thinks there is a CD-rom drive that isn’t really there complete a CD that is really a .bin file on your hard disk. You can open it and view and copy files or run your game from it. When your done go back and select unmount and you’ve (evectivly) taken the fake CD out of the fake drive. You can have up to 4 such drives each with a different .bin file when your done you can tell it to remove all fake drives or whatever you want, you should be able to figure that out without any dificulty now that your pointed in the right direction. reply


hey i have the cue file but not the bin file how do i open it reply


you may have a problem there as the bin file is the image and the cue file is only instructions for the burning prog. reply


Thanks Mike, was going to just delete the bin and cue as i had no idea how to use them


You can convert the .bin to ISO using WinISO (guide):

Then burn the ISO using Nero (guide):

You could alternatively make a .cue file using the MakeCUE program:
http://www-user.rhrk.uni-kl.de/~/junglas/makecue.html reply


I downloaded -moderated- and it came down as 2 parts cd1.bin and cd2.bin. I have read your post but i carnt see anything about how to make them on the one cd. I hav tried with pragrams that extract but that didnt work. I recieved please insert cd 2 when it already was there.
Thanks in advance reply


HI !
if you have files like bin,cue or iso you can use a simple program to extract the files from them. The programs name is IsoBuster and it is as simple as winzip or winrar, you only open the fies with it and right click on the folder and extract to... you name the place and it’s done!
If my english is bad sorry!! =P reply


FrightfoO where did you download call of duty reply


Or if you know what your doing.... get Alcohol 120% and make some vitual drives!! make sure the .bin and .cue files are in the same directory then mount the .cue onto a virtual drive and the game will install without it asking for a CD at all. reply


I use alcohol 120% ver 1.4.8 build 1222 and dameon tools ver 3.46 and yet when I make my own bin/cue files and load them with dameon tools and try to play games/movies it keeps asking me for the cd yet I have it mounted.

I have two questions about this. First do I need to save the bin/cue files in the same directory as alcohol 120 or can they be save in a different directory?

My second question is am I doing something wrong with a120 when making the image files as in not using the write setting’s when burning?

I currently use general cd protection when making my cd’s. reply

Sup people !! Very easy way !!!! If your using Nero 6, just click Recorder, and select " Burn Image " ( older versions of Nero..its under a different tab i believe).. Go to where the cue file is and select it. Then Nero should register the size of the bin file. Then BURN !!! If it DONT register the size of the Bin file START over....and when you choose burn image again...this time select the Bin file !!! Then Burn !! EASY as PIE !!

Hope it works for ya !! !:) reply


to the guy who has problems with the two disk games, it happened to me, it ask for cd2 or tells me that i had inserted the wrong disk.
it is easy to fis, in one of the cds there shoul be i crack file, put it in the directory where you installed the game, it is going to tell you that the file already exist and if you want to replace it, just ckick yes and believe me it is going to work. it worked for me in 3 different games. sorry for the the way i write, i’m still learning english. reply


I have nero 5 and clone CD. Clone CD can only read .ccd files. Nero5 doesn’t know the .bin format. When I try to burn a game (old one, fallout 2:)) by opening the .cue format, it tells me that it can’t read the .bin file. Then it tells me that an error occured while trying to load the cue file. Why is this happening? WHyyyyyyyyyyy? reply


You just burn them to disk and put the disk in and they will auto start. reply


Hey guys ive been reading through your posts, although everything you have been talking about i already know, i am stopped at a problem. I have a full game that was all put in a .tar file, i have dl another game like this and it includes like 34 files no extension and then a .sfv file. Well this one that i downloaded didint come with either the .cue or .bin, although i know the whole game is there how can i extract the files or say make my own .bin file so i can burn it. reply



I’ve read the threads and can relate to a few things that will help me in the future. I need some further clarification on how to create iso files with games that have 4 disks (-). I’m using Winiso and Deamon Tools by the way. I’ve successfully created an iso file with disk 1 by using the 'APCI' option (or something or rather) and that was fine. When I try to make iso files for the other 3 disks, Winiso says that it cannot make it with the 'APCI' option but to use the 'File' option instead. It goes through and creates the file. The 3 disks I’m referring to are CBF. files and other setup files etc. by the way. Now with Deamon tools it is successfully reading the 1st disk but with the other 3 disks it is not because the 3 disk images I’ve created are not associated with any program. Please somebody give me some advice on how to correct this!! ?:( ?:( ?:( ?:( reply


Can I unpack .cue or .bin files? reply


Take the, say for example FarCry.Bin and rename it to FarCry.iso and then you can burn it or pull it into Alcohol %120 and install it as well. I think some of the newbies are over thinking the objective.

Relax, Bro

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