Audio CD from a *.cue and *mp3 file?? NO *.bin

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Okay. I have browsed thru a few Q&A’s here nad have tried a couple of things but no joy.
I have an Audio CD my mate sent me.
Here what I have.
example.mp3 [about 90kb big]
emample.txt [with track list etc]

Thats it. If I put it in iTuens like it is its just one BIG album.

So whats the trick? He said use the *.cue to make it a CD and it will have the 24 songs seperated on it.

I cant figure it out. HELP reply

what do you want to do

if you look at the cue file using notepad you will see the 24 tracks separated.

you should be able to play the cue file using winamp and it will play the 24 tracks separtely

itunes dosnt handle cue files i dont think reply


It’s an audio CD.

To burn it to a CD, use Nero or some other burning program, choose burn image from the menu, and point at the CUE.

Appearantly, you can also play them with winamp.

To extract the loose songs, there is some more work to be done. I dont know if there’s a program that cuts a MP3 in pieces according to the cue, so here goes the long way.

Either burn or mount the CUE (You can find help in my glorious faq :P

Now you need a MP3 ripping program, there are some free ones around the net, try google ;)

With that, you can extract the loose MP3’s from the CD. reply


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