a DVD+R of a movie that I made works on computer but not in dvd-player

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I just finished doing a movie with “studio version 9” or something like that and after all was done I copyed it to a DVD+r and it will not play on my dvd-player at home... and I know the problem is not that I copyed it to a DVD+r cause I just played another move in the same format and it played on my dvd-player...
can anyone help? reply

yes i have came accross this prob loads of times...sounds like that your dvd player dos’nt like the + dvd’s....try burning to a - dvd..usualy solvs the prob reply


yeah thanks I just came about another problem... my burner doesn’t want to burn to a dvd-r i don’t know why... reply


Ramon my daughter has the same problem!

I ended up putting the movie on to a -RW and that
worked fine. reply


I would come to the conclusion that your DVD doesn’t support that type of disc, some DVD players can be funny when it comes to suitable discs but that all i can think of because you have tryed everything reply


I made a DVD+R on my computer using All video to vcd svcd dvd converter burner program it runs on my computer but did not run DVD player. Any help. reply


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