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This is not actually a codec, however it is installed and used as one. Vodei is a special multimedia wrapper, that actually (according to what we know), contains XVID video inside. However, the Vodei Multimedia Processor is required to playback these files as it is the only piece of software that can give access to the video/audio inside.

It appears that this is trial software that after a while, will attempt to get you to pay for it (in spite of the fact that they claim it’s free).

For the technically minded here is a guide to play vodei files without the Vodei MP.
For the not so technically save, try the VoDecoder - “Vodei MP” Unwrapper.



download Download VodeiSetup210.exe (Windows (all))
File size: 1,511,064 bytes, version: 2.10

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download Download Vodei Multimedia Processor


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