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For playback of videos produced with certain Samsung digital camcorders.

Notes: The decoder is DirectShow-only. This means that VfW (Video for Windows) applications like VirtualDub (one of the more popular tools to cut, edit, etc. AVI files) still won’t be able to open SEDG/SMP4 movies with this codec installed.
To edit SEDG files in VirtualDub, download 3ivx. (3ivx can both decode and encode in SEDG, but not SMP4 - you can manually change the fourcc from SMP4 to SEDG if you have SMP4.)
The other way is to download ffdshow-tryouts and make sure “Other MPEG-4” is enabled both in Video Decoder Configuration and VfW configuration.
Mac users can also use 3ivx to decode SEDG in QuickTime.

Older versions of the codec allowed encoding using VfW utilities. This could possibly be used to upload videos for playback on the camcorder. Some users report the old versions may not display video in Windows Movie Maker under certain configurations. One old version can be downloaded here



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