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3ivx MPEG-4 is a mature industry standard video compression system which enables the transmission and storage of video, which would otherwise be too large to store or transmit.

3ivx MPEG-4 5.0.2 for Mac OS X consists of MPEG-4 Video and File Format components for authoring and playback of MPEG-4
media. Compared to Apple MPEG-4, 3ivx MPEG-4 5.0.2 encodes up to twice as fast, producing the same quality video at half the size.



download Download 3ivx_MPEG-4_504_trial_win.exe (Windows (all))
File size: 938,704 bytes, version: 5.0.4

download Download 3ivx_MPEG-4_504_trial_osx.dmg (Mac OS X (Intel))
File size: 2,523,058 bytes, version: 5.0.4

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