Download iSquint

iSquint is is a FREE, really simple and easy to use program to convert your MP4, AVI, MKV or whatever video files into a format compatible with the iPod Touch or Apple TV. After converting your video file and adding it to iTunes (the program has an option to that for you as well) you can send it to either your iPod or play it on your Apple TV.

youtube review and demonstration

Unfortunately this application is no longer being developed, and includes a nag screen to update to VisualHub (not free). Only consider doing so if the application doesn’t work for you.

Note be sure to also install Perian for best input file format compatibility.


Download iSquint1.5.2.dmg (Mac OS X (Intel))
File size: 5,954,318 bytes, version: 1.5.2


iSquint was added to for AV Recievers(08-15-2012).

Type: Freeware

Updated: 08-15-2012