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People who have helped provide information for these pages


This site was intended to deal mainly with raw pixel formats, those containing RGB or YUV samples, and not compressed formats such as Cinepak, Indeo and DivX. Over the 3 or 4 years that the site has been active, however, the amount of traffic hitting the codec list has grown to a point where it is about 99% of the site hits so I guess this is now a codec site after all.

The content of the site is derived from information sent by you, the users. If you are aware of any FOURCC not listed in these pages, please contact me with the information and I will add it on the next revision. You may also use the registration page to tell me, and Microsoft, about your FOURCC. Please note that, although I still manage this site, I have not been actively involved in PC video code development for about 5 years so you are unlikely to get a helpful answer to any technical questions relating to the current Windows multimedia architecture. Now if you want to know about satellite TV systems then…

Just for the record, this site is not affiliated to Microsoft, nor do they endorse it, etc. etc. etc……..