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Hi... Im a vet wih alcohol 120% and have used it to back up both my dreamcast games aswell as ps1/psx games! Any how i want to back up Wu-Tang Taste the Pain game and when i download the file from the Net i cannot get a Bin or Cue File which is what you need for burning! I now have GemC and run my BIN.ECM file through it and convert the file to BIN format! I can get alcohol 120% to read the file only when i click next from the first screen on IMAGE BURNING WIZARD it asks for more info on the game i.e. IMAGE FILE FORMAT SETTING! Such things as Track Format, Block Size, Image Header Size, Image Trailer Size, also boxes to tick If the data was already scrambled or if the data contains EDC/ECC info Sections???? Anyway if you know how to set these options for a perfect burn then please respond... I have already tried burning by simply ignoring these options but you end up with a still image file burnt to disc! Obviously the game does not play!!!

Any Help??? reply

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