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I downloaded a file (PSX game) and it came in .mdf and .mds format. Before you tell me to go to the other thread, it’s not about that specific file type. That’s ust an example.

Anyway, I couldn’t run those file types as an ISO type image (ISO, BIN, IMG) in my PSX emulator, but if I mounted the .mdf file to a Virtual CD Drive, I could run it in the emulator. I want to know, if I mount a game file onto a Virtual CD Drive, and then burn it using Nero by just copying a CD like I had a real CD in a drive, would it work on a modified PS2? Or would I only be able to run these things on my computer? reply


What you suggest about copying a virtual cd to a real cd might be possible, but why do it? You can, with proper burning software, burn MDF/MDS directly onto a CD. MDF/MDS is a cd IMAGE format.

Whether or not it would work on a modified PS2 I cannot tell (I do not have any experiences with that); but I suppose it’s worth a try -- In fact I think it ought to work. reply


What program can I use to directly burn an MDF/MDS file? Also, with burning image files, like BIN and CUE...I don’t really get them. What do CUE and MDS files have to do with anything...the smaller files I mean. How do they help you burn the cds? reply


See: <a href=“http://www.moviecodec.com/topics/5042p1.html”>www.moviecodec.com/topics/5042p1.html</a>

The smaller files are index files for the big files (if ie. the big file contains various tracks for the cd/dvd the smaller index file indexes it). There are applications available that can create the smaller index files from the original image (the big one); basically this is done by traversing the big file looking for track beginnings/endings. (Mostly) Both files are required to burn the image onto a disc.

Try burning it with the program Alcohol 120% ( <a href=“http://www.moviecodec.com/search.html”>search google</a> ). reply



i have a file that is over 2 GB and i want to burn it onto a cd. do i have to split the file in order to do that?

any help will be greatly apprectiated reply


thanks, i wanted to show snomoee who had a similar idea to area smoother that it was a bad idea and that it had already been done before, but you deleted it ;pthe page with examples would have been nice for historical reference reply


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