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Hello, I have a problem with a couple of wave files.
The codec is 0x350 - Micronas Semiconductors, Inc.

Anybody knows how to open this?

And also something strange in the header - the 0x16 field (Significant bits per sample) is set to 0, is it normal? reply

Here’s the entire header if interesting...

52 49 46 46 74 67 09 00 57 41 56 45 66 6D 74 20
14 00 00 00 50 03 01 00 40 1F 00 00 29 10 00 00
1E 00 00 00 02 00 3A 00 reply


can you send me the wav file? and tell me what software or hardware created it?

mail it to patriotact@gmail.com reply


Ok, mailed both files
They were created with an old mp3 player about 10 years ago.
Don’t remember the name of the device but will post it here as soos as i find it reply


download this, extract it and right click on mi-sc4.inf and click install.


it is the micronas speech codec sc4 reply


I have the exact same problem, however the link above no longer works. Anyone know where I can get this codec? Just like the poster, an old mp3 player (creative brand) was used to create the wav file. reply


here is the micronas sc4 speech codec
download the mi-sc4.acm and mi-sc4.inf
right click on mi-sc4.inf and click install. reply


Microsoft media player WAVE file - codec 350 sending me.




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