Urgent help needed - Audio codec problem, C00D10D1 - 0x8180

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I have already scoured through the forums here, but no to avail. I have a number of audio files that we cannot play here on our systems. I have downloaded a number of audio codecs, including the KLite pack, and AC3filter, but no luck.
I have also tried VLC player, Winamp and other applications, but no luck.

Instead I get the C00D10D1 error code, with a code name of 8180. I have run GSpot and I get the following info under the Audio section;

Codec - 0x8180(unknown)
Info - 22050Hz 96 kb/s tot (4 chnls)
Stat - Codec NOT Installed

I am given container details, file type - WAVE, mime type audio/wav, and also on the right it says Ready, 233 codecs loaded, but that is it.

Please can you help as this is urgent, thankyou!

Mark reply


could you upload a small part of your file
so we can test?

you can upload to www.rapidshare.com or megaupload or sendspace / any file uploading website. reply


google says it might be from this program


which is for court recordings.
does that sound like what you need? reply


Thankyou for your response. I installed the program, and the file plays, but i get no sound. So effectively, no, it didn’t work.
I have uploaded the file, and can be found here;

http://rapidshare.com/files/212895440/RCJJUDREVIEW_21-11-06_11-13_01c70d5e12f017c0.wav reply



Got it working!! The program just didn’t work first time for some reason!

Thankyou very much :) reply


Would just like to say that using the program mentioned by compn, For The Record (that is used for court recording playback), solved this issue for me as well. Don’t know how I ever came across GSpot in researching this issue, but Googling that and the error it provided led me here. Thanks! reply


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