Songs downloaded play but there is no sound?

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Hope someone can help.
I am downloading songs from kazaa and some of them wont play. When i open them they appear to play, but are empty.. i.e. no sound?

Are they dud files or do i need a codec?
I have ran them thru Gspot and it says I have codecs for them?

Please help
Thanks in advance reply

I have the same problem. Most of the songs I dl lately are blank. Any ideas? reply


i have exactly the same problem i have tried them in every single media player available, but it doesn’t play...please anyone got any ideas? reply


Many of the songs that are on Kazaa are .WMA files. Most of these songs have been downloaded from Napster, MSN, or other “pay” sites. The WMA is licensed media and cannot be played on other computers or shared. You actually have the music but without the proper “rights” you cannot hear the song. First thing.. Dont download any .WMA files, they don’t work. Look for MP3 extensions (although this is not foolproof either, some try to just change the file extension from .WMA to MP3 hoping it will work)Second..if you PURCHASE music from the web...burn to a CD first (which converts to WAV and removes protection) and then rip them to your hard you have songs that work when shared. reply


I actually did some research and found that these songs are put there on purpose. Sort of the artist’s way of getting back at the people downloading songs illegally. reply


i swear to god system of a down started it on “steal this album”

that would make sense why classics and less popular bands never have any issues.

what i dont understand is how the artists think that will make them money. metallica seemed to flame out post napster war. But hey - they need a few more million. Who gives a fuck if people dont eat over it ;) reply


Hope some one can solve this

I have just found out the latest MP3 songs i have downloaded are not working. I have downloaded around 60 songs and all are not working. I really donot think it is a trick input on users... reply


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