No sound when download files from torrent RARBG

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I have no issues with any other videos but those with RARBG in the description of the torrented download. I usually go to Pirates Bay, search a movie, download it to my computer. Since I have Vuze downloaded, it automatically gets sent to it. I click on the link (the one from P’s Bay) on Vuze and it begins to download. Next, I open the link when finished downloading and if an mp4 file, I have to do nothing but download it on my Dropbox account. (If not an mp4, I convert it using Format Factory for example, then download it into my Dropbox account.

Here is the issue. When it is finished downloading in my Dropbox account, I CAN usually hear the sound to the film. But, I don’t watch movies on my computer. I have a Roku player attached to my HDTV and watch them on there using the “Roksbox” app I got in the Roku apps store. This is where the issue crops up. If the movie has the dreaded “RARBG” written in the file description, there is NEVER sound when I try to listen to it on Roksbox (on Roku via my HDTV.) The same is with the Avia app for Roku.

In summary, if I download a movie on my computer, via Vuze and Piratebay to my Dropbox account (and there are certain movies that I want to download that I can ONLY find from a torrent with the letters RARBG in it) do NOT PLAY SOUND on my Roku app via my Dropbox account, (connected to my HDTV). These downloaded movies DO play sound when I open my Dropbox account on my Google Chromebook or tablet or phone, etc, but NEVER when I try to watch the movie on my HDTV via Roku using the combination of the my Dropbox account linked up with either Avia or Roksbox. WHY IS THIS? All the other torrents like YIFY, etc, always have the sound when I want to watch the movies on my TV using my Roku and Roksbox link up. Only those movies that have the letters “RARBG” in the torrent description have this issue. *(BTW, if you are asking me, then why don’t I just not download movies with the letters RARBG in it, I try not to. But, it seems, a lot of the movies I want to watch I can only find torrent links with RARBG in the description.) Thanks. reply

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