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Dear friends,
Recently I downloaded the G.723.1 speech codec ANSI C source code from the ITU-T recommendation site.
I tried to execute the recommendation G723.1 Annex A C source code on Dos,
I use the following command format:
lbccodec -c inputfile.wav outputFile.g723 -------create an encoded file

lbccodec -d outputFile.g723 output.wav -------decode the above encoded file

Then, I try to use the Windows media player to play the output.wav, but it always failed to play and I got the error alert is " the invalid type file”.

So far I don’t know how to solve it, would you please give me some hints. Or can I evaluate the source code like this?

Any answer will be appreciated very much.




The ITU “C” code does not create the decoder output file in .WAV format. It is in raw 16-bit PCM format. To convert to .WAV format, you need to put a 44 byte header in front of the file. I can send you a utility to do this.



openh323.org reply


Hi Scott,

Could you please post the utility to convert to wave format!!!

Thanks in advance

smab reply



g723 will encode/decode only raw data
linix/unix command SOX will convert raw data to WAV file and also otherway

see man sox for help
sox -V -sw -c 1 -r 8000 file.raw file.wav reply


Can some body send me the g.723 codec & that utility please!
er.somnt@gmail.com reply


I m new to voip, can some one provide me the 44 byte header for G723.1 and the way how can i use the sox in dos to convert raw g723 to g723.1
mkawan05@yahoo.com reply



Friends you can find various audio codecs including G.723/G.723.1 at www.ipsupermarket.com

i am not sure about pricing/free download etc reply


You can download the G.723.1 codec library at http://www.imtelephone.com, you can also find G.729A,G.722,G.728 codec and source code at there. reply


Hi sccot,

I need header for use G.723.1 codec.

Help me please reply


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