dolby AC3 audio (code 8192) format. WHAT!! HELP.

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i need help, cant get my movie work with sounds. it says that i must get something called DirectShow decoter. I cant find it anywhere. so.. i’m stuck.
please please pleeeaassee.. help!! :( reply reply

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Go here download and install this, I did and my movies worked..also, before you post you should check for others posts, they are all over the place reply

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hey this worked great reply


Thanks a lot helped me a lot.. reply


oh my god! thanks!! I LOVE YOU GUYS! reply


thanks this helped a lot! =) reply


Thanks alot for this mate!!! this works!!! its os NOT a virus!! its all clean and works with all known players!!

Windows media player
real player
quicktime and DiVx

try this i got the same messade about the codec looked at this post and downloaded !!! i can now watch my animusic 2 avi file in peace with SWEET SWEET audio!!

end point!! download ! no trojans or virus!! put a smile on your face !! and GG reply


HELP, friends.

My DIVX software often receives a message alerting me to the fact that it is unable to support a specific audio file.

It tells me that this file contains a track in the Dolby AC3 Audio (code’8192') format. That I might need a DirectShow decoder to hear this audio format.

I would like to download the right fix without jeopardizing all other audio capabilities. I’ve heard that if one grabs the wrong codec it can mess with your other audio that is presently functioning correctly.

I am running Vista.

I’ve been receiving conflicting information on what it is that’s needed here.

Do I need AC3 Filter, AC3 File, or this DirectShow?

Please help me out. I want to get this done right the first time.

IF it is the AC3 Filter that I need, do I need to be particular about what edition? i.e. 1.51a, 1.51b - 1.20b

If I go with the most recent, as shown on the following page, will I be good? reply

OH MY GOD .... THANK YOU ... none of the other fixes worked for until this beautifully well done response !!!!! THANK YOU ! I have been trying to fix this for about 48 hours now ... reply


I downloaded the file, and installed correctly i think. But when i open the file which didnt work before (needed AC3 audio decoder (8192)) it still shows the same message! Do i have to do something to activate it? reply

Feedback reply


AC3filter 1.6 worked for me :D thanks reply


Can you guys please help me. I downloaded the AC3audio decoder fine, I think, from but still I can’t get the audio on. Is there something I need to do to activate it? reply


thanx a lot reply


worked for me too, thanks guys reply


downloaded the ac3filter and it worked perfectly!!! :) reply


It works! reply


how do i download dolby AC3 audio cant find it reply


I downloaded the ac3filter but I how do I get it to work now? I ran the .exe and installed it, but still get the same error message. What do I do after installing? reply


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