continuous sound skipping when i play dvd's on my computer

posted in Audio Codecs

i’ve been trying to watch DVD’s on my computer, but no matter which DVD i use it always continuosly skips in sound. i’ve tried several DVD playing programs but it happens in all of them, is there any codec i can download to stop this? reply

this same problem happens to my dell running XP i bought a new Dvd drive and still same problem. reply


Do it all the time. A better place to go for all the emiupqent would beYou can get the parts a lot cheaper and get better parts.You might want to get a friend who knows how to do it to be on hand to watch and make sure you don’t make any mistakes. Once you do build one, there will be nothing on a computer you can’t fix in the future. Want to add another DVD burner? did one when building the computer. Add more Ram? Been there, done that. Power supply goes paws-up? You had to install one when you built it, it’s the same process.Great learning experience, and ever greater sense of pride as that computer will be yours in a way you can’t get with a pre-built reply


Supercinema, you are a complete idiot. in no way is your response help to this question. maybe you sound just shut your moronic mouth. you are a waste of space. reply


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