AC3 Divx/Xvid passthrough

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here’s my setup
I’ve got a Turtle Beach Riviera with optical out connected to a Denon reciever
I’m using WinDVD6 to play my AC3 Xvid files
I’ve WinDVD6 set to SPDIF out, and on DVD’s it’s working fine I can see that my reciever is doing all the decoding
only on these Divx/Xvid files they’re not coming as Dolby Digital
seems like the decoding is still being done in the software
and I know these are correctly encoded AC3’s since I’ve tried them on my standalone Divx player and they output in Dolby Digital
the question is, what configuration changes should I make in order to allow the AC3 passthrough to my reciever

yeah I tried with both
0.70b & AC3 Filter 1.01a RC5

in 0.7b I did SPDIF out to not effect, everything just came out in stereo on my reciever

with 1.01a RC5
all I see is SPDIF with (disabled) next to it, so I don’t even think it’s supported

I was able to use classic media player to output the AC3 stream
but I don’t think it’s correctly transmitted since all I get from my receiver is static noise

I’m outputing at 48KHZ in 24bit PCM
I tried several other settings but all came out the same
something I’m concerned aobut is that I think all these AC3 SPDIF settings are for MPEG2 videos

sorry for the long post but here’s all my info
hopefully someone also has this issue and knows how to resolve it

thanks reply

I had the similar setup as yours. AC3 filter 1.01a would produce only 2 channel stereo and 0.7b would give an error in WMA9 when output to spdif. I wonder if the Riviera would really support 5.1 channel spdif. Its driver config screen says only 2 channel stereo would be supported by spdif out. reply


The Riviera is perfectly capable of passing a 5.1 AC3 stream in passthrough mode, I used to do it all the time in Windows 2000.

However I’m having the same problem (static noise) with the Riviera under WinXP. For the life of me I can’t get AC3 to decode properly over spdif. It’s a shame since I never had this problem with Win2k. reply


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