Frequently asked questions


What is a codec?

An acronym for "compression/decompression", a codec is an algorithm or specialized computer program that encodes or reduces the number of bytes consumed by large files and programs. Files encoded with a specific codec require the same codec for decoding. ( from )

Where can I get codec X?

We have download sections for video codecs and audio codecs. If you cannot find what you are looking for there, please post your request on the forums.

What does FOURCC mean?

A FOURCC is a FOUR Character Code identifying the video stream used in a container file (ie. .AVI file). For more information look on our video codecs forum. On our codecs download pages you can see which FOURCC refers to which video codecs.

What is an audio tag?

An audiotag is an id for an audio codec that used for encoding a media file. To find out more about audio tags look at our audio codecs forum. On our audio codecs downloads pages you can see which audio tags refers to which audio codecs.

How do I find out which codecs I need for a particular media file?

In our tools downloads section we have numerous utilities that will help you with this. For instance avicodec or gspot will do the job.


How do I report illegal / abusive posts?

If you find very offensive and/or illegal posts, ie. death threats, racism, posting serial codes for software or links to illegal software. Please contact us with the URL to the post. We respond to all complaints within 24 hours. See the posting rules.

How do I format my posts, to some degree, supports BBCode for formatting your posts. However for guests the tags used for posting images and links are ignored.

Do I have to register to post on this site?

No registration is not required, unless you find that your IP address or IP range has been banned from doing guest posting: in that case simply register for a user account and you can still post.

Why should I register if I can simply post as a guest?

There are several advantages to registering a user account and posting under it. First of all it protects your posting name (guests cannot post under names that has already been registered), it also gives you several more abilities: avatars, profile information, signature and the ability to edit your own messages. Lastly it also makes you seem more trustworthy to other users.

What happens to my email address if I register for a user account?

Nothing! We will never give away your email address or send you any spam. The only cases in which we will contact you is: sending initial password and if you request password retrieval. Please refer to our privacy policy.

My IP address/range was banned from doing guest posting, can you unban it?

Generally: no. You will have to register for at user account to post. However if you think you have a good reaon (ie. know why it was banned and went to apologise etc.) you are welcome to email us about it.


I am posting as a guest and someone is impersonating me. Can you help?

Just register a user account. It is not, as such, against the rules to impersonate others as long as it is not extremely offensive stuff that is posted. You are welcome to email us with specific URL where you have been impersonated and we may be able to delete it.

What if someone registers my guest username so I can no longer post under it?

Well, basically, as long as you post as a guest you have no "right" to your username so there is really nothing to do about it. If you are concerned about this happening we urge you to register for a user account.

How do I become a moderator?

Generally you should email us if you want to become a moderator, but please keep in mind that: We receive many requests for this, and we have pretty stiff requirements. For instance to have a chance to become a moderator you need to have a good posting history (via a user account), be very mature, not take part in stupid/pointless discussions.

What kind of forum software is this site powered by?

100% custom made, buzzwords: jQuery, PHP, Zend Framework MVC, MySQL

What if I have a suggestion or correction for this site?

Please contact us! We welcome all suggestions and all feedback! We only want to make it better...