Play ps3 on computer

I have a sony Vaio desktop computer which has a built in TV tuner, i can watch TV on this computer but i do not know how to connect my PS3 to the computer, is there a special type o firewire cable or something i can use??? reply

05-19-2009 10:02 AM

don’t your PS3 owning the data line? reply

05-20-2009 02:46 AM
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Thanks for the suggestion, I wish it had worked.
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06-19-2009 05:47 AM
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You can use the monitor as you would a TV, and that’s it.

Until someone makes an emulator for the PS3 and you’d have to have a very, very powerful PC to play the games. Not to mention the person would have to be one hell of a coder.

So, if you’re looking to play the PS3 while using your monitor as the source of your video and/or audio feeds. Then, you must have an incoming video connection.

But from what I know now, you can use the video tuner, as a video-in jack with an extra component for your video and audio feeds.

Any type of video receiver should work, some go for $20 to $40 at walmart ans even have the HD video/audio feeds. You’d have to use a regular cable used for cable equipment and plug that into your video tuner. You can use the same item and plug your cable for “cable” into the IN portion of that and now you can switch between your console and cable TV. reply

06-19-2009 06:38 AM
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This is an interesting discussion.. thank you for sharing.

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This is an interesting discussion.. thank you for sharing.

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As for me,i play PS3 for TV.And i don’t think about. reply

12-17-2009 06:03 AM

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