Windows Movie Maker Not accepting Dvix File

08-25-2009 11:10 PM

I’m trying to edit a video that i recorded on hypercam2 using a Dvix 6.8.5 codec with windows movie maker. When i try to import the video, it says:
“The file C:\Users\Alusia\Documents\clip0040.avi cannot be imported because the codec required to play the file is not installed on your computer. If you have already tried to download and install the codec, close and restart Windows Movie Maker, and then try to import the file again."
I tried disabling the filter and I downloaded some Dvix Theorica codecs 5.0 thing and neither of them solved my problem. A little help would be much appreciated.

Also, its only for this one video that was recorded using the Dvix Codec. All my other videos that weren’t recorded using it can be imported normally. SO its not like i can do that system restore thing back to when the error message occured, because the error occurs only on this one file. reply


08-26-2009 09:57 AM

What does gspot say about the file?
And does it otherwise play normally in Windows Media Player? reply


08-26-2009 11:42 AM

yah it plays in windows media player reply


08-26-2009 11:52 AM

Ok I went to Gspot and it says

“Codec(s) are installed”

and the Codec is “DX50” and the name is “DivX 5.x/6.x”

I seriously have no idea what any of this means im just trying to give you the information i think you need.

If you need anything else just ask reply


08-26-2009 12:59 PM

One last test
Get VirtualDub
Open the file with virtualdub. Does it give any error messages?
Regardless of that, click video, direct stream copy. Click file, save as avi, and pick a name. See if movie maker can open that (should be identical - if there were any errors in the stream, it should be corrected)
If that still doesn’t work, click video, full processing mode, then file, save as avi. it’ll save an uncompressed AVI (which will be humongous), but I think movie maker will be able to open it. reply


08-26-2009 09:18 PM
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You can burn your Divx Files to ISO file, then you can directly play your files on your computer reply


02-24-2012 08:58 PM

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05-17-2013 03:10 AM

Import any format video files in Movie Maker!!!

Try this trick reply


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