What can I do if Gspot Doesnt recognize the codecs ?

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Hallo !

I downloaded 3 5MB porns.

I use the classic media player.
All i get is “failed to render file”

When i start it with the media player there is something with a link and “purchase” codec or so.
the moneymaking intuition must be the reason it downloaded so fast !

Gspot doesnt show anything, no codec guess or what ever.
when i click on problem solution, Gspot says: “directshow” problem and gives an address.

has anybody an idea how i can get those codecs ?

They apparently “bought up” amateur porns and make money with them.
but i wont pay for it, though I am not ashamed to say i look at amateur porns. reply

06-28-2005 08:56 AM

I don’t think it’s a codec problem. It’s mostly likely DRM (digital rights management). And yes they do put a lot of pay-per-view porn on file sharing networks. This one was disguised as a “codec download”. Some will download viruses or spyware to your computer and dial 900 numbers automatically from your modem! Avoid wmv and asf files. reply

06-28-2005 07:28 PM


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