Video plays upside down PLEASE help

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So i got this VID which is in wmv. Now it was working fine until my bro downloaded some kind of media player which i then deleted.

Now the vid just plays for 2 seconds and then freezes my whole computer while the sound still goes on.

I noticed it only happens on those type of files wmv etc. Avis and mpegs still work fine.

So i re installed my nimo codecs on FULL, and now the vid does play fine, however, its upside down.

then next thing i did was find out which codec made it play upside down.

It was the divx G400 filter

so i unticked this and installed the rest.

The video wasnt upside down anymore, BUT, it froze my computer again after 2 seconds.

So basically isnt there a way i can have the g400 but get rid of the upside down view??? cause thats the only way i can get the wmv vid to work when upside down.

Please please please help ASAP

Thank you reply

10-09-2004 07:21 PM


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