Motion Pixels for Windows NT/2K/XP

I googled for NT/XP codec for the motion pixels player. I followed a thread to this forum where the file awarent.exe was mentioned. I noticed several poeple were successful getting the file but now all links are dead. This file is extremely rare, I guess, and any help would be greatly apreciated. The only version which shipped on my MovieCD is the win95 version. (I know...the CD is ancient!)Thanks! reply

10-24-2005 05:16 PM
Dosman reply

Thanks for the reply! Is there a trick to getting the link to function? I’ve tried pasting the url into my browser and into an FTP client with no luck. reply

10-24-2005 06:37 PM

Paste it on2 google search..n then get it from there. reply

10-24-2005 07:14 PM
94 posts

Well despite 15 years in the PC networking/repair/building/config business I’m beginning to feel like I’m not quite doing it right! Doing a paste into google gives me the same negative result. I can set up access to an FTP server if you (someone) wants to upload this file...Thanks again for the help! reply

10-24-2005 08:44 PM

If U paste the link correctly on Google Search this is what U get.....
Sorry, no information is available for the URL

If the URL is valid, try visiting that web page by clicking on the following link:
Find web pages that contain the term “"
PS: Still having problem with it then there must b a browser hijacker on the lurk. reply

The link provided is working : Use Flash FXP and download what you need for Win95 or NT. reply

10-24-2005 11:30 PM
Marcus Aurelius

Artsy, Marcus

Thanks! The issue turned out to be a matter of when FTP was available at that site. I tried several times last night using FXP with connection timeouts. Today I came home and, BAM!, logged in and got the files I needed. It’s good to know there are people are out there willing to help with things some might consider trivial (like trying to view an 11 year old movie cd!) BTW the Cd was Miramax’s “Gate to the Minds Eye”. A great 1994 look at computer animation possible at the time.

Thanks! reply

10-26-2005 06:15 PM

where on the server is gate to the minds eye? i’ve been looking everywhere for it , torrents irc p2p cant find it anywhere. please help reply

11-25-2005 02:11 PM

Thanks!!! I found this forum after doing a Google search on moviepixels. I bought some MovieCDs on ebay that would not play on XP. I downloaded awarent.exe from the ftp site and can view the movies now although they are choppy. The exe was a zip file that contained a setup.exe and all the associated files. You guys are great! reply

12-31-2005 08:45 PM

Tried everything cannot get this movie CD to work on xp. reply

08-05-2006 05:12 PM

hey jamesbond, I couldn’t get my movieCDs to play in XP until I downloaded the awarent.exe file from the ftp link above (

Once downloaded, I right clicked the icon of the awarent.exe file and selected Windows NT in the compatibility tab. It then installed and the movieCD could be played from the aware.exe program. It only displays in a small window, choosing full screen puts horizontal lines in the picture so at least it’s watchable in the small window.

Hope this helps! reply

09-05-2006 11:11 PM

oo! you can adjust display size in 'playback style' from the file menu. reply

09-05-2006 11:28 PM

Can the Movie CD’s be converted to a more friendly DVD format reply

09-26-2006 08:59 PM

Sirius Cd and Motion pixels cd playback require Awarent.exe on windows me? nt and XP and higher computers

Hey just “google” awarent.exe... run this file (it must unzip to temporary location) after you install this player/file,,, then you can just use WINDOWS media player to play back your Sirius motion pixel cds in the best quality.. fullscreen sucks! on their player so use Win Media player after install

forget all the other links/answers on this thread!!
just google “download Awarent.exe” for XP and higher playback reply

01-14-2010 04:37 PM

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