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11-19-2003 01:16 PM

does the video codec “fourcc code o” exist and if it does where can i download it---or have i been made a mug of by somebody sending me a fake video
any comments would be much appreciated
thanks mortimer. reply


11-19-2003 01:49 PM

what do this mean reply


11-19-2003 02:30 PM
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On this sites Main Page there is a link about code FOURCC
Click on it and read away at your leisure.
It answers your question reply


12-19-2003 12:13 PM

fourcc code o is a fake you can’t find it anywhere this means the video file is a fake reply


01-19-2004 04:09 PM

no it isnt fake. i just made a short video with my digital camra and im getting the same fourcc code o message, but i can play the video in virtual dub only. is there any way i can get around the fourcc code o message or rerecord in some program to change that codec? reply


01-20-2004 02:45 AM
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Nope sir. FourCC of '0' IS fake! There is nothing with a FourCC of '0'.

Lookey -

“Please note that there doesn’t exist any video codec that uses the FOURCC code 0. If you’ve downloaded a movie with the FOURCC code 0 it’s a fake movie file and you won’t be able to watch it. To avoid fake movies using KaZaA you can use a program called sig2dat. Then you simply goto a site such as and lookup the movie you want to download. All the files have been verified and should work, so when you follow the sig2dat link your KaZaA will automatically try to find and download the movie." reply


01-22-2004 01:48 AM

i notice people are having problems with code fourcc o. there is a way to check if your file is real are not. when you have about 6 percent of the download go to divix select the program files and go to the program you downloaded the movie from. next go to the temp movie and open. if fourcc cde o apears then you know its a fake however if you get the mpeg message it means 2 thing 1. you dont have enough of the movie downloaded or winmead reads the program. but at least you dont have to waist your time downloading a movie and finding its a fake
note kazza is known for putting fakes if you want the real movies download when you have it type tmd when the movie opos up that you want retype the name of the movie and you should be able to find whatever movie you want note bearshare also has just about any new dvd or game and most computer applications and its all free


01-25-2004 12:21 AM
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Nah, TMD releases aren’t DVD rips, they’re an outfit who re-encode TeleSyncs that other release groups make.

TMD are just about the worst quality you can get.

Also, it’s not only Bearshare where you can get the latest stuff/content. Bearshare is simply a program that connects to the Gnutella network.

I choose to use Shareaza as my Gnutella1, Gnutella2, eDonkey2000 and BitTorrent client. It supports all those protocols (i.e. - you can download from all the different networks).

Oh, another reason I like Shareaza over Bearshare is because Bearshare has SPYWARE. Something you neglected to mention, darren !:). Do you know Bearshare has spyware???

I don’t think Bearshare even has corruption handling. Does it? Shareaza does, meaning you won’t get a faulty download.

And another thing. You can preview downloading files with VideoLAN ( reply


06-05-2004 12:49 PM

I just got a movie that displays the fourcc message with DivX. The first like one minute plays, the file is 700 megs though, how can it only play one minute. I am confused, if the file is fake shouldn’t it not play at all. reply


07-09-2004 09:19 AM
zephyr khambatta

Hi i’m zephyr form singapore, and guess what, this was the 3rd file of the return of the king movie that i downloaded, using the programme imesh. and when it was only half downloaded, i used to close imesh, and watch the half downloaded file lots on divx and it worked

however now, after the whole thing is complete, it gives the fourcc code “0” message
and if the file isn’t real, then how the hell did it work anyway, earlier?



07-10-2004 12:59 PM

I downloaded a movie with an xvid file extension and could not open it; the xvid player shows the “fourcc code o” message. I am not interested in the movie, the problem is I can´t get rid of the file! I´ve tried EVERYTHING (taskmanager, etc) but windows keeps poppping up a msg saying it can´t get rid of the file cause some unkown program is using it. I´m pretty desperate here. I need help. ANY kind of help. Thanx. reply


08-25-2004 06:08 AM

My movies (SHREK 2,Stargate 8x01&8x02...)are not working.I’ve got all new codeks.What is wrong?Everything is downloaded by bearshare.Thanks for help. reply


09-21-2004 06:31 PM

Delete it through dos reply


10-06-2004 05:52 AM

I’ve noticed alot of people are having problems with this fourcc code"oo' thing as am I. I have several video players that I can use and none of them can play or some of them cannot even open these files. As for bearshare TMD files are starting to send files labled wrong and are sending out the same movie under different names ie Mario brothers2 tick me off! Best bet is just keep trying it may take a while but eventually you will get what you want. reply


11-10-2004 06:11 PM

I’m having the same problem with this coe “0”. Downloaded Shrek 2 and the Incredibles both of which will not play. Also used TMPGEnc Plus to encode it. This seems to recognize it as a video file but not an audio file, hence when it plays it plays only as a silent video!?!? Any ideas ?? reply


11-17-2004 09:58 AM
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Think I will make this sticky. So many threads about FOURCC “0”.

Basically “0” is NOT a valid FOURCC so the file would very likely be a fake file (ie. a file containing something completely different that has been renamed to something.avi).

In a few cases I heard that *some* of these files will work if you rename the extension to .mpg however this is extremely unlikely (only if mpg was the original extension on the file). reply


11-19-2004 09:37 PM

Just open any file that gives this error in virtual dub and then convert it to another avi format or different compression, this error occurs when there is no codec for the file (digi cam and web cam videos mostly. If you convert it runs fine. :) reply


11-20-2004 12:41 PM

Try draging it to the desk top,restart the computer and delete it stright away. This very often works. I dont know why. reply


01-14-2005 02:08 PM

sorry but there is no such thing as a fourcc code o how stupid can people get these days there is a fourcc codec reply


01-29-2005 10:05 PM

gracias reply


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