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04-23-2006 12:41 AM
DVD learner

Do not unpack them with HJsplit, right click at .001 then select open with WINRAR, then you will have an img file instead. Good luck. reply


06-19-2006 02:39 PM

You need to use WinRar. Just select the last one... like .47 or .78 and open it with WinRar. After that just extract the image. reply


06-23-2006 12:05 AM
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Thanks tried for three days to burn “Find Me Guitly”
Used your advice and usrd winrar,got a .img file.
Burned it with Nero. Everything worked smooth.
So thanks again reply


07-01-2006 08:07 AM

thanks it worked for me. I used winrar reply


07-20-2006 12:19 PM

It will play by right clicking any file in it and then click “open” and then click “selectthe program from list” and choose Nero Show time if you have it.
But this only plays one file at a time I believe. The files I am referring to specifically are stated as xpdvd-tsc-ntsc-dvdr and they are listed as .001 to .093 individually.

I do not know how to burn these to get a a dvd can anyone answer this? reply


07-21-2006 09:32 PM

I have tried everything. I open xpdvd file as rar but when I try to extract file is telling me that fille .00 is missing. It does play on the computer but I would like to burn it to dvd and play it on a stand alone dvd. reply


08-13-2006 12:34 AM

right click on the file... open with... winrar.... then extract the image to a folder and u have the movie. I download a few files like this, went online to figure it out, and they work fine.
Peace reply


09-04-2006 11:07 PM

trance_aquarius your a legend, i did what you suggested and its working perfeclty.

Just right click on xpdvd-pop436-ntsc-dvdr.001 (or whatever flick you have) and open with WinRAR, right click on the resulting extraction and open with ( I used ) DVD Decrypter and it burnt and played perfectly. reply


10-31-2006 01:50 PM

After downloading i opening dir and got what looked liked “papers” havn’t had these before - when i right click do i go to ADD to archive... or ADD to “xpdvd-bel2-ntsc-complete-dvdr.rar” ?

Plse someone help!!!!! reply


11-01-2006 02:00 AM

I Just selected all files, right click open with. then winrar. and It’ll shoow as a ISo in there, then click extract to. and choose where There ya go reply


11-01-2006 10:45 AM

To Robiefrogie,

Sorry to be thick but when I right click I get 'open' rather than 'open with'. What am I doing wrong? reply


11-07-2006 02:46 AM

Yep, Winrar works indeed. You have to select the first ntsc.dvdr file. Usually denoted as file 001. I made the mistake of using HJSplit. Right click and open that 001 file with winrar and extract it. You’ll be left with an .img file. Use MagicISO to extract the file and create a VIDEO_TS folder. Ignore the AUDIO_TS folder. Than use a dvd burning program like NERO to burn a DVD video. Drage the VIDEO_TS folder to the VIDEO_TS folder in NERO to burn. And there ya go! :D reply


11-15-2006 11:31 AM

you can also burn a .img file using dvd decryptor reply


11-20-2006 03:45 AM

Programs Needed

Isobuster or PowerISO

Right click on “xpdvd-theman-ntsc-dvdr” file.
Choose “Open with” option from right click menu.
Choose Winrar.
You will see the files appear as an IMG.
Extract the IMG to a folder of your choice.

From here the IMG should auto open with Isobuster or PowerISO if not run Isobuster or PowerISO and open it.
Extract the file again to folder of your choice.
You will see some other files thats been added to the file just delete it .
You should be left with Audio_TS and Video_TS folders.
Use DVD burning software of your choice to add to disk

Works like a charm. reply


12-22-2006 07:44 PM

Unrar with winrar: open with - choose winrar.
burn and you now you have a dvd movie! reply


01-04-2007 03:11 PM

If Nero of w/e program you’re using can’t open it, you should right click on the .img -> “open with” and than just select WinRAR. Worked perfect for me reply


03-23-2007 08:19 PM

Hahah... I know this is a year too late, but I was trying to open the same type of file.

I just got it open using Daemon Tools. Right click (when you have that) in the tool bar, and unmount the drives, and open the WinRar file of your movie.

Perfect <3 reply


05-06-2007 03:38 PM

I just opened the very first file with UnRarX and then it just took over.. after UnRarX did its thing you are left with a .ISO and then you are good to go. reply


06-24-2007 09:18 AM

download DVD region free, and do a google search for a registration key. Once you have DVD region free you can play DVDR files as normal in windows media player. Works for me anyway. reply


07-30-2011 10:18 AM

um that is not a video file that is for adobe encore to make menu pages (its a template that was used in the movie)


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