Best codec for computer graphic images?

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Is there a video compression / decompression codec that is optimized for images created from computer-generated renderings?

I have an open-GL application that creates some 3-D vectorized wire-frame images that are rendered in high resolution but with relatively few colors.

If I were capturing still frames from this animation, a .GIF image would, for example, be superiour vs a .JPG image. Is there a codec that is optimized for such images?

10-29-2004 11:42 PM

You might want to look into lossless codecs.
huffyuv, alparysoft, and MSU come to mind.
In QuickTime pro, the QuickTime animation and PNG codecs might also do the trick.
I also had good results with the techsmith codec which comes with camtasia, or its quicktime counterpart, ensharpen.
Some lesser known ones like corePNG might work too.

10-30-2004 08:46 AM


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