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06-18-2008 12:26 AM
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Hi Everybody !

I have one chinese mini mp4 player (UNIS vp893-1G).
When I bought it, it had one video in avi format. I formatted my mp4 player and I converted my .flv video’s into .avi and tried to play those(.avi) on mp4 player. But it says “file format error”. :(

I tried other formats also like .VOB, .mp4 , but no luck! :(

Can anybody help me with this, any help is highly appreciated.

By the way, i bought mp4 player to see my spanish teaching videos in hope that i can carry them anywhere i go !!? :( reply


06-19-2008 01:42 AM
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You’d better contact the UNIS company to get the tech specs for the supporting video.

Although it supports AVI video, the resolution and bit rate of the output file arent accordant, you can’t put it on your mp4 player. reply


07-02-2008 04:58 AM

i’ve got the same problem as meflex, and i’ve contacted the supplier, he told me to converter the movie in .amv but that also doesnt work....for the .avi , it says “file format error”. as you say, we must check the output file for the resolution and bit rate, i’ve put the same as it is written in the user guide of the mp4 player but in vain...

please help,

thank you !

Cheerz wherever ;)
Charlie reply


07-31-2008 10:28 AM

I cannot watch movies in my mp4 player reply


08-02-2008 05:00 PM
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What conversion software did you use? If the resolution in differs in its ratio/compression size from what the player is capable of then the it might not recognize the video file. Most chinese mp4 players strictly support .AVI files only. Did you receive a CD with drivers or converting software? You might want to try contacting the company you bought the player from and see if they have any updated drivers available for the player :-) reply


08-09-2008 07:02 AM

Check ViDrop convertor and dont forget to check
20 or 25 fps in advanced settings reply


08-17-2008 01:34 AM
Harry from Philippines

hI! pls help me, how i can have a mpx video format,coz my chinese mini mp4 player were not play in avi,mp4 format.God bless u! reply


08-18-2008 03:28 PM

I have the same problem... Warning! file format erorr! :\ ..what to do please tell me ! reply


09-09-2008 09:25 PM

I just bought the fake ipod touch 8G mp4. I belive it is a rockchip. Anyway I was having troubles playing .avi on it. Use the AVI Converter 3.0 that comes on the disc that came with the MP4. It converts pretty quickly, however the status bar in the program does not work. You just have to wait until the converted .avi file will play on your computer.(I currently use the VLC player which works the best out of any player I have used.) Once it will play on your computer, you can then transfer the file to your MP4. On some files though, the audio and video go out of sync after a couple minutes. Hope this helps....
Does anybody know if I can install any codecs onto my MP4 to help with the sound? reply


09-12-2008 12:21 PM



09-18-2008 10:14 PM

Hello everyone !

I’ve just got chineese mp4 touch screen player and I had the same problem watching movie in it eventhough my movie files are AVI. After fews try , I got my mp4 play movies nicely the way I wanted. first you need the AVI converter 3.0 or early version will be fine and then convert any of your movies to AVI files ( any format of your movies even your movies is already in avi file. Somehow i don’t know but the chineese mp4 touch screen player only play those movies after being converted by avi converter .) If when you start to convert your movies to avi format and got the messages " mencoder.exe has generated error.." or illegal system will be closed by window ... That mean your system is not strong any to handle avi converter ( this program required CPU : Intel or AMD core. Intel requires at least pentium 3 or over, including Intel Celeron . windows operation that must be installed with the player in the version of MS Media Player 9 or over )
After convert your movie and then transfer them to your touch screen mp4 and enjoy them . Below is the link you will find the avi converter 3.0
good luck anyone ! reply


10-04-2008 06:26 AM

hi i got my mini mp4 player on my birthday as a gift and i installed many of my favorite songs but when i was hearing the music it suddenly stopped i don’t know why and then i tried to turn it off but that was useless.after half an hour if turned off by itself and then it didn’t work reply


11-28-2008 08:36 PM

I bought a 8gb chinees mp player It is not showing recorded Avi converted from you tube which are stored in Itunes movies. the filesare there in hard disc of mini player we see in explorer ion screen of playerand on laptop all videos play from hard disc of player.Ishall feel highly obliged if you reply reply


03-16-2010 06:00 PM

FH reply


03-22-2011 12:15 PM

it didn’t work on mine ether reply


06-22-2011 07:20 AM
Justin Bieber

i dont know mine says tht too what mp3 do u have ? reply


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