how to repair when the MP3 player can not turn on

02-01-2010 09:19 PM
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When the MP3 play can not turn on .
First we consider the first step to connect the computer to check .if it can connect the computer but there is no a “Removable Disk”, please upgrade firmware on the machine, if the upgrade failed, then
1) Empty FLASH, and then re-upgrade software
2) check FLASH and control communications between the lines, whether copper or platinum resistance appears open
3) check whether the normal or SDRAM to SDRAM control lines of communication between the normal
4) FLASH poor poor control

If connect the computer normally, the machine showed that under normal circumstances also, check the battery boot circuit; if the machine does not show the normal machine, please refer to (b) “can not display the boot."
The third step even if the machine does not connect the computer and does not show. then the whole investigation the following points:
1) Reset button to reset;
2) power supply circuit;
3) procedures for the loss (to short-circuit line in order to upgrade FLASH data); 4 ) PLL clock circuit and reset circuit;
5) control and FLASH is wrong;
6) control and lines of communication between FLASH is wrong.
The issue of the following methods to check the hardware.
1. Boot problem circuit or power circuit.
1) check whether the normal start button.
2) press the start button in the boot check whether the on-circuit the battery voltage, if there is no turn-on, check the boot circuit transistor or MOS tube and IC.
3) check whether the battery voltage input to control or DC / DC with the LDO, various DC / DC or the LDO is the work of the internal control of DC / DC or LDO is working, whether there is voltage output. The normal voltage output of a move are 3.3V, 3V, 2V, 1.8V, 1.5V, 1.25V the voltage varies by program. reply


10-30-2010 09:56 PM

i just bought a new mp4 player yesterday and i put some songs on it today and charged it but now it wont come on! it looks just like a iPod touch reply


11-12-2010 07:04 AM
lonely gyrl

my computer not recognize my mp3 how can i fix it??

plzz tell me..!! reply


01-24-2011 11:28 PM

lonely gyrl>>try other usb chords. reply


07-02-2011 10:47 PM
big gus

fuk u reply


08-26-2012 01:55 AM

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12-23-2012 09:12 PM

my mp3 player will not turn on ive tried charging it but it wont work reply


01-06-2013 06:29 AM

MY MP3 can’t turn on..
my com can detected it but it won’t charge


03-25-2013 10:55 PM

yea it wont turn on


07-07-2013 06:00 PM

How to fix mp4 player if it won’t turn on


07-07-2013 06:01 PM

It won’t come on reply


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