bought a ipod wannbe off ebay

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I bought this look a like off ebay because it was cheap. Ive had nothing but problems ever since it came in. Its supposed to play videos but it wont. Nothing I do helps/works. The player also wont read by ebooks...well tech it does read them but you only see like the very center of the page like 3 words. It doesnt shrink it down and you can scrowl left and right only up and down. The radio doesnt work. All i get when i put videos or movies on it it says “empty file”. The firmware is: LISONG DESIGN LCS-27201H-B1B 9.5.54 2008-09-05. Ive never updated the firmware of anything before and not sure if its even something i should be doing. I need advice. reply

01-23-2010 03:17 AM


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