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  • 15,946 posts 3,253 topics General
    Discuss anything relating to media files, codecs and multimedia.
  • 14,905 posts 2,500 topics Video Codecs
    This is where to go if you have questions related to any specific video codec.
  • 13,879 posts 1,273 topics Audio Codecs
    The board to talk about audio codecs such as ogg vorbis.
  • 21,199 posts 1,695 topics File Types
    Post here if you got a file with a file extension that you cant play
  • 1,405 posts 79 topics Subtitles
    Forum for discussing how to enable subtitles on video files.
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  • 70 posts 10 topics Editing
    Forum for discussing video editing with software such as Final Cut Pro or Windows Movie Maker.
  • 12,774 posts 1,478 topics Encoding
    This is the forum for people who wish to encode video into end user formats.
  • 15 posts 7 topics Transcoding
    Area of the forum for talking about transcoding - that is converting - between different compressed formats.
  • Rip
  • 1 post 1 topic CD Ripping
    Discuss how to rip audio CDs for backup purposes
  • 19 posts 13 topics DVD Ripping
    Discuss how to rip audio DVDs for backup purposes
  • 3 posts 1 topic Blu-ray Ripping
    Discuss how to rip audio Blu-ray discs for backup purposes
  • Burn
  • 69 posts 10 topics CD Burning
    Discuss CD writing/burning problems
  • 10,703 posts 1,508 topics DVD Burning
    Discuss DVD writing/burning problems
  • 4 posts 4 topics Blu-ray Burning
    Discuss Blu-ray writing/burning problems
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  • 188 posts 90 topics Windows
    This forum is for general Windows/Mac OS X/Linux issues.
  • 9 posts 4 topics Mac OS X
    Discussion of Mac OS X specific problems with video files
  • 2,638 posts 2,638 topics Linux
    Discussion of Linux specific problems with video files
  • 3 posts 2 topics iPhone/iPad
    Talk about video/audio file payback issues on iOS devices
  • 5 posts 4 topics Android
    Talk about video/audio file payback issues on Android devices
  • 13,700 posts 697 topics MP3/MP4 players
    Find information and help for your portable mp3/mp4 player
  • 7 posts 3 topics Streaming
    Forum for Streaming problems/issues and issues with online TV providers
  • 604 posts 75 topics Solutions
    Various solutions for common problems and questions posted
  • 37 posts 19 topics Miscellaneous
    Off-topic/miscellaneous talks goes here