Too fast!

03-25-2007 07:56 AM
Amanda Lovkvist
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Everything goes to fast in my mediaplayers. It´s the same for everything: music, films, even u-tube om the internet. Everybody gets cartoon-caracter-voices.
I really don´t have a clue about what to do, somebody told me to download VLC, and I did, but it turns out, that´s just another player, and it too goes too fast.
What can I do? Somebody, please help me, my computer is the only thing I have for waching movies!

amanda reply


03-25-2007 10:04 AM
24,747 posts

I don’t know for the moment but give me a day or so and if nobody finds an answer in the meantime, I will see what I can dig up. reply


03-25-2007 05:39 PM
ReDQless reply


03-26-2007 06:56 AM
Amanda Lovkvist
2 posts

thanks! reply


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