Sound and Video Do Not Match

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My .avi file is fine when i view it using windows media player or the dvd player on the computer.
I get a problem when i burn this .avi file using nero 6 and change the format from .avi to .vob (so that the downstairs dvd player recognises it) and watch it on my standalone dvd player as the audio and picture just seem to be out of sync.
any suggestions as to how i could resolve this problem?

i have a second computer where i burned the same .avi file using nero and it worked fine, so i’m guessing it’s some thing to do with the settings on this computer. reply

07-02-2008 02:24 AM

I have a similar issue. I convert .avi files to a file version (.mp4) that can be played on my Ipod/AppleTV using the Xilisoft Video Converter for the Mac (cannot find any other software to do this on a macintosh). If the .avi video file runs more the 23 minutes or so (typical length of a 30 minute TV how) the audio and video get out of synch (the longer the video file the worse this gets). The original .avi files do not have this problem as I have watched them also on my computer as a test but prefer to watch the TV shows on my television without having to burn a DVD. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks in advance. reply

11-25-2008 09:10 PM

I have a big problem and none could help so far. I have a large DVD collection (1500+). I’d like to convert the movies to avi files so I can load them on an external hdd what is connected to my DVD player. I have hundreds of movies on already but it takes forever to convert one and you got to set hundreds of freaking settings and it is still not guaranted that the file is going to work.
Is there Anyone who knows a prog. what would rip&convert DVDs?
So far I used DVD shrink(small,free,quick) to rip, & DivXConverter to convert them to a smaller 7-800MB .avi.
The problem is that almost every second movie is OUT OF SYNC. I tried dvd encryptr, AGK (worst of all - 5out of 6 movies out of sync) and some other crap claiming they do everything, but so far NONE worked.
I was wondering, if there are so many smart guys out there and there are so many pointless programs out why don’t they make a prog where you insert a disc & you get a file at the end. How much would that prog cost to build? 10-50-100,000.00 dollars would be enough?
If there are 1000 lazy guys like me who rather use a remote than jumping up replacing discs, you already got the money! :) I’m pretty sure you would find more than 10000... and with $50 that’s not that bad pocket money... reply

02-20-2009 01:56 AM

seriously theres so much complaining here rather then answering. HERE is your answer. when you convert the file and are having problems with audio matching the video it is always a video bitrate problem. just make sure that your output file matches the video bitrate of the original file. let the complaining continue !!!!! reply

04-01-2009 08:16 PM
come on

it seems like everyone is just telling you to use their own prefered video converting software in the hopes that that softwares default settings will fix your problem. well if you want a answer to your problem. it does not sound like its a codec issue. i would definitly recommend getting a video information tool like G-spot. its a very simple program that requires no installation. use this to gather information on your video before converting. good video converting software will have different methods os a/v syncing. if yours does not have that get a new one. i use the free version of Any Video Converter. download free from a trusted source like CNET here;pop

do NOT upgrade to the pro version. it cost money and all they do is add a more user friendly interface. you have full functionallity with version 2.71 you will just have to know how to use the settings correctly for the type of output you want. any vieo converter is great for PSP as it allows you to finally get your stuff on your PSP at 480x272 which is the full actual video resolution size of the screen. Video 9 doesn’t allow greater then 362x208 and even then it makes widescreen look smushed or not like the original. also when i convert movies i keep the exact same frame rate. same audio frequency. use the default a/v sync also not basic and you’ll never have a problem. here is my settings for converting into PSP format. remember if you want to keep the same aspect ratio so your screen doesn’t look fat or skinny, keep the same percentage. example this video was 672x282 282/672= 42%ish
so you want a screen size thats close to 42% or its gonna look weird. normal widescreen is 56% but it all varies with all movies. i always just make my movies 56% cause i don’t care about fat/skinny effect. anyway. hope this helps reply

04-04-2009 06:42 AM

I’ve used winavi psp version found it to be better than the winavi newest version I’ve used xilisoft ultimate to do conversions from mp4 avi or any other video types but do encounter audio not sync issues I believe its ue to the stress your putting on your PC during the time conversion takes allot of processing power if you goto task manager and watch you’ll seem anyway try converting without doing other task might work better... reply

10-07-2009 04:26 AM

hi ive been having the same issue as well i use the any video converter to convert all my torrents and some of them come out working great but most have the issue that the audio doesnt match the movie is there any way around this plz let me knw thanks reply

08-10-2010 04:55 PM

i had this problem with all the video files on my comp then i used zune media player to watch em and it completely solved the problem so thats what i recommend, zune is free to download from reply

03-08-2011 03:28 AM

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