Movie files won't open..Freeze computer

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Hello! I have a 150gig NTFS harddrive and its stuffed full of xvid and divx movies...My problem is that alot of my recent additions have been randomly turning up not working.

As soon as i click the file the computer freezes and goes into a fit ...where only time will fix it unless i reboot. What makes matters worse the movie will not play and i cannot delete the file. Anyone have any help for this? Thanks alot! reply

10-12-2004 01:12 PM

Hey, I have that exact same problem. I don’t know why its happening. I’m guessing I have a corrupted hard drive, but then when I copy the file onto another hard drive it still acts funny. I noticed if I open the file through windows explorer, it plays. reply

11-19-2004 02:44 PM

I have similar problems. Both w/ video as well as games. i.e. RiskII stops when a video is starting. It sems that the wonderfull company Microsoft stopped supporting/delivering some Codex in XP SP2. Haven’t found a solution. May be somebody knows where to look.

11-20-2004 12:01 PM


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