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02-08-2008 03:27 AM
1,580 posts

People have been making quite a few posts about those.

Do not go to those sites! They’re most likely scams/phishing sites!
You may get the following messages:
“Warning: HD Codec not detected. Please get the correct codec from www.hdmi2.com”
“Warning: Unable to process video please get the codecs from :
“The content of this media file is blocked. it looks like you are not using the right media player to play this file!
You should visit http://torrentmovie-help.com to download the recommended media player”

P.S: I’m still not sure how they’re getting the message (if the file is actually an executable, or if it’s a popup from a QuickTime (.mov) or Windows Media (.wmv/.wmx/.asf/.asx) file - it’d help if someone could analyze those files - either with gspot 2.70 or an antivirus program. reply


02-12-2008 06:00 PM
Annoyed at HDMI2

I got the message as well when I DL’d a Torrent version of --moderated: do not talk about illegal files!--. I pulled the video apart and can see that this is actually just a 4 minute video of a msg that says: Warning: Unable to process the video please get the correct codec from {blank}. They used huge GIF’s and timing to get the size of the file up to 700+ MB to appear to be a legit movie.

This is not a Windows Media Player or a WIN Message. We all quite literally just wasted time downloading a 4 minute infomercial for the is idiots website... Delete and move on. reply


02-16-2008 01:44 PM
really annoyed

thanks guys for the info i’m very glad that i read this or i would’ve followed the direction (stupid me!!) I think it’s stupid download a 700MB and getting a 4 minute long video clip. I now just have wasted that time and space.

Once again thanks for the info reply


02-17-2008 05:10 PM
mr stupid

followed the instructions for hdmi2 got stupid ad site irritating people. just don’t do it ok reply


02-18-2008 08:12 AM
hate fake codecs

i was soo happy today..when i downloaded definitely.maybe but than when i downloaded it said “warning please download the following codec.


its fake... and a waste of time.. it should be romoved from the net reply


02-20-2008 06:37 AM
fuk this website

I hate fake torrent!!!!! fuk this site...wasting our time reply


02-20-2008 09:06 AM
1,580 posts

Update: seems like the movie is just an uncompressed AVI (which explains its huge size and short duration) with the same image the whole time. (Thanks, Burgerman)
Still a scam, and still worth deleting. If you can somehow leave feedback that it’s a fake on your file sharing program, by all means, do so. And of course, don’t go to those sites! reply


02-23-2008 07:05 AM

The same message:

Warning: HD Codec not detected. Please get the correct codec from www.hdmi2.com”

--moderated--[DVDRip XviD-NeDiVx].avi

DO NOT follow any link(s) or anything else. That’s just a Fake. reply


02-23-2008 02:42 PM

Whata crok of shit, downloaded --moderated-- the last 2 burn,www.hdmi2.com bollocks. Delete the shit off ya pc its a waste of time and i’ll c if i can find the torrent and leave a message onit 2 warn peeps..wasted all our time.later. reply


02-27-2008 02:52 AM
el mino

thanks guys. reply


02-27-2008 07:26 AM

Hey guys i’ve been fooled too with this shit!!! 700mb of download for nothing!!! SHIIIIIIT reply


02-27-2008 08:10 AM

Guys I checked out that website and clicked on the link below it was a porn site, they are advertising their website by fooling us into downloading 700 MBs of BS. Shame on those scumbags, they deserve to be shot in the head. reply


02-29-2008 03:05 AM

Shit son/bitch´s ¬¬ i lost one hour downloading these shit =.=" reply


03-02-2008 03:10 AM
Losing Patience

Some of those asks you to download a “program” that is supposed to fix them up. (Which is ultimate mp3/avi player
or something).

That program puts annoying pop up’s in your system and creates fake folders/files fulling up your computer.

By the time I was aware and removed sucessfully it already created for a hundred megs.

It is detected by a few anti-spywares, it is by McAfee but it won’t remove it like most of those.

THE ADVICE IS TO NEVER DOWNLOAD THESE PROGRAMS THAT “SEEMS” LEGIT, even though they have a fake legal copyright and such

It took me a few hours to completely fix my computer, delete all the files and make it unable to use internet explorer reply


03-05-2008 04:47 PM

The most important part of fighting fakes is NOT SEEDING THEM! If people get none or just some (initial, scammer) seeds, they won’t download it! If you keep it, you support scam! I have done wrong too, I had some randomly generated file, named after a movie. I kept it, I didn’t realize others are downloading it... I was thinking that maybe it’s playable file, just unsupported by my players/codecs... Keeping scam files is not just danger for you, it’s dangerous for p2p! And of course posting comments on torrent sites is good. Just remember where did you het that fake from... reply


03-06-2008 09:16 AM

Thanx MovieCodecForum!
If it wasn’t for this Forum i would not give up that easily and would continue the search for free hdmi2 or torrentm8 codecs which actually don’t exist cause the content of what you downloaded ist not the movie you would expect, but just a fake 4 min. video telling you to go here and there.
The son’s of bitchez doing this cannot hide forever!!!
We need to give negative comments to the corresponding torrents and thus prevent future spread of this SHIT.
Also whoever can, should track these malebitchez down, and make their life a nightmare...so that they eat shit and drink piss till they die...ha ha ha...man, i am so angry... reply


03-10-2008 07:09 AM

what the hell is up with step up 2 and the end of the god damn movie , great quality but the end really F___ED it up for me can someone tell me of a good copy of it and where to get it from reply


03-10-2008 03:35 PM

where can i find the codecs for the movie 10000 bc?thanx reply


03-10-2008 05:03 PM

Shit! Where can I find the legit movie 10,000 B.C. on DIVIX? This is my 4th time downloading it. The files tell me every time NO VIDEO TRACK. Been to several torrents and still nothing. Help! reply


03-10-2008 05:06 PM

Shit! Where can I find the legit movie 10,000 B.C. on DIVIX? This is my 4th time downloading it. The files tell me every time NO VIDEO TRACK. Been to several torrents and still nothing. Help! reply


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