DVD and mpg playback problem after Roxio install

My XP system used to play DVDs and mgp files perfectly either in Media Player 10 or Nero ShowTime.

After I installed Roxio Easy Media Creator I can not play them properly. They play but look like they are in 16 or 256 color only - terrible image. The sound is fine.

I have:
Removed Easy Media Creator - no change
Done a system restore to an earlier point - no change
Done a repair re-install of XP Pro - no change
Removed and re-installed Nero and its DVD codecs - no change
Installed RealPlayer to see if the problem is the same in it - it is.

So, no matter what program I use to try and play DVDs or mpg files - the image looks exactly the same.

HELP - what has happened????????? reply

07-09-2005 08:32 AM

Roxio replaced your mpeg2 codecs/filters with it’s own. Youcan see why no one suggests using their mpeg2 filters now!

Get Radlight Filter Manager, scroll down to the roxio filters listing, then set the priority to 'do not use'. Then go and set the priority of the previuos Mpeg 2 codecs back to 6001. If you do not have an mpeg2 codec to use, try either the Moonlight Elecard, w/DXVA (hardware assist, less drain on your CPU). Or, try the Dscaler Mpeg Filters, don’t get the TV app, just the DirectX filters. It’s for audio as well as video. Then just install them. If you want to by hand, no prob. Put them wherever you want, then use Radlight’s 'register' button, to Register them. Your done~!


topcat139 reply

07-14-2005 01:41 AM

Good job here is a link:http://www.radlight.net/ and what is doing: * Advanced streaming technology
* Alphablended Skins support
* AC-3 sound support
* Blazing fast video playback
* Playback of DivX, AVI, OGG, ASF, MPEG, WMV, MP3, WAV and other
* Screenshots capability
* Bookmarks
* Favorite folders
* Video Profiles
* Stunning OSD menu
* Multilanguage audio support
* Support for 18 subtitle formats
* Pan & Scan
* Customizable aspect ratios
* Vertical & Horizontal Stretch
* Vertical & Horizontal Offset
* WinLirc remote control
* and MUCH more ...
I use the player for some time and I like it. reply

07-14-2005 09:09 AM

Their filters ahppen to be pretty good,b ut the player tends to have spyware in it. At least it always did in the past. That’s why I never reccomend it. The filters though are a great convieniance, the injstallers are simple, but still use the filter manager to set up the filters the right way. This way you know ahts up in your pc.
Don’t forget the Mpeg2 filters are commercial products,that’s why there are so many hacked versions around. The open source ones are Dscaler,and GPL mpeg. There are copies of the early Elecard Mpeg and Odio Dekoda floating, but some of the versions are poorly hacked. If you want a high quality Mpeg2 filter, try out the Moonlight-Elelcard site, the demo ver.s run for 21 days,but an uninstall and reinstall gives you another 21 days. If your’re inventive, look at the lt.dll and synsh.exe files.
And use Filter Manager to Reg the filters.
(They also have a nice little VOD package as well, and that’s NOT time limited.)

That’s it and that’s all!


topcat139 reply

07-18-2005 09:55 PM

I am mixing regular MPEG2 clips with Utube clips (MPEG2),
but when I edit them together it wont playback right -
plays for about 20 min’s then begins to breakup then eventually the picture freezes.
Any suggestions?

11-26-2011 10:05 AM
Tom C

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