Convert avi to mpeg2

06-24-2004 03:16 PM


Could somebody please help me.

I have downloaded movies of the net that are in .avi format and I am trying to convert them to .mpeg to copy them onto DVD.

I have a DVD+RW DVD Rewrite but the problem I seem to have is the movies is only 700MB in .avi form but when I convert it to .mpeg with the uses of (Main Concept) MPEG Encoder to file converts fine to a 2.44 GB file.

Now the problem.

When I try to copy/write it with Nero or MyDVD it does not fit, if I cut it from 1h30m to about 1h it fits but then I’ve got to copy the other 30m on another DVD.

I thought a 4.7GB DVD would hold the whole thing.

Please help.

Stewart reply


06-25-2004 07:01 PM

What program did u use? reply


06-25-2004 09:55 PM
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Are you 100% sure the 2.44GB MPEG files is fully DVD compliant? If something about it isn’t compliant Nero, for example, will re-encode the file which is likely to increase its file size.

You could try TMPGEnc, it gives you full control over creating fully DVD compliant MPEG2. reply


07-23-2012 05:31 PM

preciso de ajuda . ao converter um video.avi para video.dvd o retausldo duas pastas e na pasta de video(a q interessa) possue 6 arquivos(videos) 2 com extense3o .vob e 2 com extense3o .ifo e 2 copias de segurane7a ai qndo uso o nero express para gravar um dvd, da uma mensagem dizendo q o tipo de compilae7e3o add ne3o resultare1 em um disco compativo com o formato dvd o q eu fae7o por favor me ajuuddeemmm. valeu!!!! reply


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