Capturing VHS to Computer

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Hi all, I am trying to capture my videos to my computer. I am having no luck and hoping someone might have some simple advice on how to go about this. I have firewire, moviemaker 2, camcorder (which I am unsure whether it supports the DV pass through)

I am wanting to attach my video recorder to my computer and save the video’s
by playing a video and capturing it to a file on my computer and then copy
them to dvd?

Is this possible - I have a chord which came with the my camcorder with the three ends (yellow red & white) with a single mini jack on the other end which sort of looks like a headphone plug. I have attached the yellow red and white end to my video out plug holes (which is the audio left & right and video plug) and have been trying to figure out where to plug the mini jack plug. My video camera has a program which allows me to edit videos taken with camera via windows movie maker but this camera uses a fireware chord - and I am sitting on this end thinking it has to be a simple process - just where to plug.

When I go to movie maker and ask it to capture from video device it tells me “a video capture device was not detected. Verify a device is turned on and connected properly and then try again”.

I have rang a few computer places and they tell me things like video cards, etc are required - but somehow I think I must have one of them for the video camera to be able to download videos.

I am a real novice - I hope this has all made sense and I know you have asked for me to send you certain information to help you determine what I have and have not got - but I have no idea where to find this information - so if you need more info, could you please tell me how to find that for you.

I have been able to find some information on the internet regarding what I am trying to do.

The information I have found is at

The info from the website says

“Your DV camera must support DV pass-through (analog video can be passed
through the DV camera and to your computer). For information about whether
your specific DV camera model supports DV pass-through, consult the manual
that came with your DV camera” - this is where I am unsure whether my camcorder has this ability.

But does anyone know where I am coming from and have a solution for me. Otherwise, what is my cheapest alternative to do this???

Kind Regards
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05-15-2007 07:45 AM
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It would tremendously help if you stated what model camcorder you used reply

05-15-2007 08:06 AM


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