Can't Run Real Player

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Judges solution worked for me too. got rid of realplayer. thanks buddy reply

04-19-2005 06:22 PM

I cannot uninstall says uninstalling componenet missing.When i tried to delete the real file from common files,i could not do so reply

05-05-2005 02:01 AM

That tip with forced uninstalling by starting the exe in Setup/ dir ruleZ !!!
I was having the RealPlayer Classic & the RP10 installation all crossed up and the forced uninstall/reinstall did fixed !
Thanks a ton ! reply

05-17-2005 06:09 AM
George Kodinov

Me too, the problem really drive me crazy!
Thanks a lot! I can use the Real player again now!
You may not know that your reply really help ppl around the world!
I am from Asia country! reply

05-24-2005 08:47 AM


05-26-2005 12:46 PM

HELP!!! Follow this instruction her bellow.

To Uninstall RealOne Player Completely

The best way to uninstall RealOne Player and RealOne Music software is to uninstall using the standard Windows uninstall programs that you can access from the Start menu. However, if that does not work, you can use the r1pclean program to remove nearly all RealNetworks products from your computer. reply

05-26-2005 01:19 PM

Thank You All So Much!!! Muah Muah Muah reply

05-28-2005 02:32 AM

I am not able to open realplayer10 version.When I went to control panel (ADD / REMOVE PROGRAMS) to uninstall this the following message appeared :“UNINSTALLER COMPONENT MISSING”. reply

07-13-2005 09:42 AM
saba ahma

RealPlayer should be outlawed. They’re definitely outlawed on my computer!
If you decide to keep some version of this crap, I find version 8 to be functional without the same level of aggravation as version 10. As soon as I opened version 10 and saw all the ads, I knew I’d made a huge mistake installing it. reply

07-27-2005 08:33 AM

I too faced the same problem while uninstalling the Real Player. Judges solution worked, but the real player was still listed in the add/delete program list of my control panel. Then I followed what TryThis had posted. Searched for files begining with “Real” in my c drive. Found some files still left behind. deleted those files and then removed the real player from the list of add/delete programs of the control panel. It worked out in my case.

Thanks. reply

07-27-2005 11:20 AM

thx 4 da help it''s workin now ..........thx again reply

07-27-2005 04:19 PM
saba ahmar

My Compaq notebook come pre-installed with Real Player that pester me for years. Spend many days to disable most of problems from Quicklaunch to Systray to default players to auto-dial...

Finally decided to upgrade to Realplayer.10. But the uninstall feature hang my notebook for long time if I opt to uninstall all features, so only one option can be chosen. Many files and folders are still there which need manual delete.

But there are 3 folders in Program\Commonfiles\Real\ when attempted to delete, it hang the system and give Data Error(Cyclic Redundancy Check). One of folder in it /RCAPlugin if tried to delete even pop out scary window C: Drive Not Format, Do You Want to Format? Y/N. Any one know how to overcome?

After reading many negative comments on how badly Realplayer abuse users, I’ve decided not to install it anymore. Don’t wish to run Realplayer. reply

07-28-2005 01:30 PM

Removal anleitung absolut einwandfrei. Danke , Danke Danke reply

08-18-2005 09:30 AM

Find your way to this folder: C:Program Files/Real/RealPlayer/Setup and click on the file: r1pclean.exe this will uninstall real player. You may see a message telling you it can’t do it but after clicking that away it should carry on and uninstall.

Thiis post by Judge worked for me. :-)
It’s work for me so .
TQ reply

08-19-2005 11:36 PM

I tried to do what you said( C:Program Files/Real/RealPlayer/Setup and click on the file: r1pclean.exe) but I get to see a black window saying type n or y to delete when i type y nothinhg happens, do you know other ways to delte realplayer one? I have a win xp mediacenter sp2 reply

08-20-2005 07:29 PM

When you install ace mega pack or K-lite it forces the codecs into media player. If you people read what is written when these programes install you would understand that media player becomes default player for all media types. If you right click any file format and choose "always open with Windows Media Player" then you’ll never need real player again.. If you don’t like it this way then...
unistall your codec pack then delete its folder in the program list (cos it will be left there)
re-install real player
remember if you have installed K-lite or any other pack, you will have to delete the program folder aswell.

don’t you hate responses like these..the "your stupid, it just comes natural to me" well I didn’t work this out until after a re-install of complete computer and major frastrations.. so yeah I don’t read the instructions either..haha reply

01-18-2006 04:22 AM

Here is a little program that can play streams. it is called Real Alternative 1.37 and come bundled with Media Player Clasic.

Never - Ever - download anything from Real...

You can search the web for it yourself or get it from

or here reply

01-19-2006 10:49 PM
The J reply

01-20-2006 12:42 PM

okay... i’m TOTALLY regretting installing Realone.

the thing is, i cant play my .RM files now, and after going through this thread i know it’s cos of my k-lite codec pack.
can someone recommend a way out?

and btw r1pclean.exe doesnt work for me for some strange reason. the screen disappears after i enter 'Y' twice and NOTHING changes. reply

04-19-2006 11:46 AM

k so i tried everyones methods and nothing same message as b4 so i figured i’d just reinstall windowz and boycot RP well just b4 that i tried this last attempt: i went to start/run/typed regedit/clicked find/typed realplayer/diplayed results/deleted/pushed f3 to find next/deleted/repeat/repeat/about 6000 times later it was done ! WHEW ! now i send e-mails on a weekly basis to the kind fuggin folks at realplayer and express my sincerest feelings towards them and their software! BOY AM I GLAD I DID’T FORMAT AND REINSTALL! Pffft! reply

05-01-2006 09:16 AM

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