Cannot save Widows Movie Maker files to anything

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This is a brick wall I have run into. I just installed nVidia GeForce MX 4000 with some trouble playing anything in WMPlayer. Seems a codec was missing that had 'disappeared.'
Now, I am into makeing more polished versions of both still and motion files using WMM...except I cannot get more than the first frame to save. I am thinking it was another codec...but no. Now I am thinking it is because either (a) the AVG anti-virus app is somehow messing me up, or (b) some HP firmwear is in conflict. All tests I know show only that the disabled onboard video is not working but the new nVidia is doing fine. I still have no ability to save any video anywhere! Help! Any discussion of my problem will be greatly appreciated as I am out of stuff I know to do. reply

12-09-2005 10:31 AM


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