cannot play downloaded file

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Hi all,

I have jus downloaded a movie and when i try to play it on window media player 9, the searchbar and the time is moving, but there is no pictures, no sound, jus a balck screen.

I downloaded the DivX codec and the problem is still there. i downloaded the G-spot and it states that the required codec is installed.

could someone help??
thank you reply

05-07-2004 02:34 AM

What was the required codec that GSpot said was already installed? What is the FourCC code that GSpot gives?

Note a complete possible solution, but try playing the file using VLC ( reply

05-07-2004 09:23 AM
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the 4CC is DX50/divx
and the
status is 2 compatible codec installed

please help reply

05-08-2004 10:22 AM

used vlc for quite a wile it was great, but now it has stopped working. i reinstalled it and i tryied useing divx player but nothing.

please help!! reply

07-13-2008 08:34 AM
ebdneb dne


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